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Advice on Moving With Small Children

Matheson has some tips to make moving with your small children as hassle-free as possible

Take it from personal experience, moving as a kid is NOT a fun time. Moving is one of life’s biggest stressors and can take a toll on young children. Take the stress that adults feel when moving and multiply it by 100 since it’s likely your children may not understand what is going on. It does not have to be that way though; Matheson offers some tips on how to make moving with your small children as stress-free as possible.

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Talk to your child about the move

If your child is old enough, take some time to sit them down and explain what is happening. Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and they can understand what is happening if their parents talk to them about it. Make sure to emphasize that everyone is staying together and the move is not their fault.

Let them participate in the move

If your child is old enough, consider letting them help out in the move. It will give them a way to keep busy and also get them acquainted with the idea of moving. Consider giving them a few boxes and let them pack up their room. After moving, help them get settled into their new space quickly by setting up their things.

Keep your own composure

Kids respond to how their parents react. If they see their parents being extremely stressed because of a move, odds are they will pick up that mentality as well. That’s why you as parents need to keep your composure about the move when around children. Maintaining a calm and cool atmosphere before moving will make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Keep a routine while moving

One distressing feature of moving is how fast everything can change. Kids get acclimated to familiar surroundings and are less able to come to terms with drastic quick changes. So make sure to keep a consistent schedule while planning your move, don’t try to pack it all into one day. Keeping a consistent routine and schedule while planning a move will help children get used to the idea of moving and it won’t take them by surprise.