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Apartment Check Out List: Advice From Matheson Interstate Movers

Interstate Movers at Matheson Transfer Offer this Apartment Move out Checklist so you can get your Full Security Deposit Back

It’s moving day! One annoying part of moving out is making sure you get your full security deposit back. Unfortunately, landlords can be pretty sneaky and may try to hit you with fines and fees. Interstate movers Matheson Transfer are here with this move out checklist so you can be sure to get back your full security deposit.

Know Your Lease Backward and Forward

Interstate Movers in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

You need to have a thorough understanding of your lease agreements so you know which things you are held responsible for. Your lease may specify you are responsible for yard work or any maintenance fees. Make sure you understand the full terms of your lease so you are not caught off guard.

Clean Everything

The first thing to do is to give your apartment a thorough cleaning. We don’t just mean the basics like floors and carpet; we mean everything: baseboards, walls, ceilings, stovetops, microwaves, etc. Many landlords will take cleaning fees out of your security deposit, so make sure you do not give them a reason to.

Keep Your Move-in Checklist

Most of the time when you move into a new place, the leasing company will give you a move-in checklist to assess the current state of the apartment. The point of a move-in checklist is to document any pre-existing problems with the unit so you are not held responsible. Interstate movers Matheson recommends that you make sure you keep ahold of this list so your landlord cannot charge you for any damages that were already there.

If you are looking for local interstate movers, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037 to schedule a free moving quote. Our full-service team has over 70+ years of combined experience and will work with you throughout the entire moving process, from pre-planning to final unpacking.