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Moving Back to College: Moving Supplies, Tips, and More!

Figure out what moving supplies and advice you need to make the move back to college as simple as possible

Summer is almost over which means many college students staying at home over the summer will find themselves moving back to their schools. For many returning college students, this will be the first time they have their own apartment. Having your own place is great but is a whole different ball game. From finding a new place, buying moving supplies, and actually moving your things, move-in day can be very stressful for college students. So here are some tips from Matheson on how to make moving back to college as stress-free as possible. Moving Supplies in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

Save Money

Odds are you have been working a summer job while living back at home. Now is the time to save as much money as possible, when bills are light. College students normally have too much coursework to hold down a fulltime job, so money during the semester may be tight. That is why you should take the summer to save up as much money as possible so you have plenty of change to put towards the move.

Reuse and repurpose

As a poor college student, odds are you won’t have a lot of money to burn on new amenities. That is why you should take great pains to reuse and repurpose any old things and moving supplies you have that have outlived their original usefulness. For example, got some old moving boxes around? Repurpose those into stylish storage crate using some felt and paint. Being handy with old items is a great way to save money during the move.

Essentials only

Sure, you may want to take your entire Pokemon card collection with you back to college, but ask yourself, do you really need to? As a college student you are already strapped for time, money, and space, so you shouldn’t waste resources taking things that are not essential. Start with the necessities, like kitchen supplies, clothing, bedding, and toiletries and limit yourself to only those things you cannot do without.

If you are planning a big move back to college, give Matheson a call at 570-234-3037. Our full-service professional moving team will work with you at every step of the process, from getting initial moving supplies to final unpacking.

How To Avoid Injuries: Tips From Professional Movers

Avoid Injuring Yourself During a DIY Move with these Tips from Professional Movers

It probably goes without saying, but moving can be dangerous. It is already exhausting and you are at risk for injuries from muscle strains, falling items, and general fatigue. While your best bet is to hire a professional team of movers, if you want to do a DIY move, then here are some tips to avoid any injuries that can ruin your day.
Lift with your legs
Most injuries from moving are the result of moving heavy loads improperly. When lifting boxes, you need to get down below the box’s center of gravity and lift primarily using your legs, not your back. While a team of professional movers knows this, novices may not. You want to lift the box like you’re doing a squat, not like you’re trying to stand up straight. You do not want to bend too much at the waist as that puts unnecessary strain on the back.

Movers in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer MovingKeep water handy
Moving is hard work, and in the hot sun, there is a real danger of overheating. Make sure you always have a bottle of water at hand and make sure to drink plenty while moving. Dehydration not only makes you physically weaker, but it also can make you lose concentration which makes you more likely to make a mistake and injure yourself.
Eat right
By the same token, you need to make sure you are properly fed throughout the day. Moving burns a lot of energy so if you haven’t eaten right you will get very tired very quickly. Foods high in protein and carbohydrates like peanut butter, nuts, and fruits are great moving meals that will give you lots of energy to burn.
Dress correctly
When it comes to moving day clothing, you want to wear something that is comfy but not baggy and loose. Baggy loose clothing can get caught on boxes and edges, increasing your chance of injury. If you are moving during the hot summer, you want to wear something light and breathable. Also, closed-toed shoes are a must; no flip flops or heels!
Keep a first aid kit handy
When moving stuff, cuts and bruises are always a possibility. That is why you should keep a small first aid kit handy with bandaids and antisceptics at the ready.
If you are looking for the services of professional full-service movers, give Matheson a call at 570-234-3037. We will work with you at every step to make the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving During the Summer: Beat the Heat with These Tips From PA Moving Companies

Schedule your summer move with these tips from professional moving companies

The summer months are upon us and that means it is moving season. It is estimated that over 80% of moves in the US take place during April through September, with the majority of these occurring in the height of the summer months June and July. While enlisting the services of moving companies like Matheson is always a good idea, moving during the summer months provides its own set of challenges. Read on to hear some good tips from professional PA moving companies about how to best move during the hot summer months.

Schedule the move early

Moving Companies in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer Moving

If you are moving during the summer, the optimal time of day to schedule the move is as early in the day as possible. Scheduling a move early in the day lets you get the hardest work done at the coolest point of the day. Starting a move at noon on a hot summer day is no fun for anyone, so the earlier you schedule things the better for everyone involved.

Try to move on a random weekday

In general, weekends are the busiest moving times and moving companies often charge higher prices during peak hours. You can save the most on moving costs by scheduling your move on a random weekday such as Monday or Tuesday. In addition to the lower price, most people will be at work during the day and you won’t have to deal with as much traffic as you would during the night or on the weekend.

Stay hydrated

As with any strenuous activity, you need to keep yourself properly hydrated while moving during the hot summer months. Anyone who has moved heavy furniture knows it is even worse under a hot sun, so make sure you drink plenty of water and eat enough food.

Take frequent breaks

Along with staying hydrated, give yourself time to take frequent breaks. Heat exhaustion is a very real risk when moving during the summer so don’t be afraid to schedule specific break times where you relax and recharge.

If you are thinking about planning a big summer move, give Matheson a call at 570-234-3037. Our full-service team of movers will work with you to figure out a unique moving plan that best meets your needs.



How To Save Money During a Move: Moving Quotes, Moving Companies, and More

From getting free moving quotes to selling old possessions, there are plenty of ways to save an extra buck or two during your big move

One of the biggest worries people have with moving is the cost. Moving an entire houses worth of possessions can cost quite a bit of money, not to mention the stress of actually moving things and leaving behind a familiar location. We here at Matheson feel your pain and so offer this guide on how to save money during your move. Follow these tips and you may actually make some money while moving!

Moving Quotes - Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

Plan the move on a weekday

In general, weekends are the busiest moving times and moving companies tend to charge higher rates during times of high demand. That is why planning your move on a random weekday can save you a nice chunk of change in the long run. The best option is probably Monday or Tuesday, so if you can swing it, try to plan your move for one of these low traffic days.

Sell old things on the internet

A great feature of the internet is that there is no shortage of people who want to buy your old things. Apps and sites like Facebook Marketplace and Carousel offer an extremely easy way to post listings and directly connect with potential buyers. If you play your cards right, you may actually be able to come out in the green on your move from selling old possessions.

Plan meals in advance

During a big move, many people find themselves eating out a lot as their new residence is normally not completely set up yet. Instead of eating out, try to plan meals in advance. The week of the move, try to prepare several meal-portions and subsist on those while you are moving. While it may not be too exciting for your tongue, your wallet will appreciate it.

Get free moving quotes

Several moving companies like Matheson offer free moving quotes. Just fill out your info and the companies will send someone over to give you an estimated cost of their services, free of charge.

If you are planning a big move, give Matheson a call at 570-234-3037 to receive free moving quotes. We will work with you to make your move as financially smart as possible.

How to Move Into a Rental Space: Tips From Matheson Full Service Movers

Figure out the right way to move into a rental space with these tips from Matheson full service movers

Renting a new place to live is somewhat like starting a new relationship. It can be both exciting and intimidating, especially for those who are new to moving. Even with a team of full service movers, lots of little things can go wrong if you are not prepared. So with that in mind, here are some tips on how to make the move to your new rental space as smooth as possible.

Perform a move-in inspection

The very first thing you should do is fill out a moving inspection document. This document notifies the landlord of any pre-existing problems so you don’t get stuck on the hook for them later. Failing to fill out a move-in inspection can make you liable for any pre-existing damage, which could run you hundreds of dollars in fees.

Full service movers - Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

Update your rental insurance

If you use a team of full service movers your possessions will be insured. The next step is to get rental insurance that will protect you from theft, flood damage, mold, and other unexpected situations. If you already have rental insurance you may be required to update it based on your new location of rental property type.

Make sure rental payments have a paper trail

Just like with a team of full service movers, make sure that all financial transactions related to your rental space have a paper trail. Most people pay their rent with either check, direct deposits, or credit cards, each of which generates an invoice for payments. Avoid renters who ask for cash payments as these generally carry no paper trail and it is possible to misplace cash payments.

Get everything in writing

Before making any modifications on your rental space, make sure to get the renter’s express permission in writing. Most renters will allow you make small modifications, but if you do not have some written record of their permission you could get in trouble at the end of your stay when the renter is looking to lease the space out to new tenants. So if you want to paint the walls or install any new fixtures, make sure to send an email.


Lastly, when it is finally time to move don’t forget to call our Matheson Transfer movers. We have the professional moving team ready to assist you.



Advice on Moving With Small Children

Matheson has some tips to make moving with your small children as hassle-free as possible

Take it from personal experience, moving as a kid is NOT a fun time. Moving is one of life’s biggest stressors and can take a toll on young children. Take the stress that adults feel when moving and multiply it by 100 since it’s likely your children may not understand what is going on. It does not have to be that way though; Matheson offers some tips on how to make moving with your small children as stress-free as possible.

Moving, Matheson Transfer Moving

Talk to your child about the move

If your child is old enough, take some time to sit them down and explain what is happening. Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and they can understand what is happening if their parents talk to them about it. Make sure to emphasize that everyone is staying together and the move is not their fault.

Let them participate in the move

If your child is old enough, consider letting them help out in the move. It will give them a way to keep busy and also get them acquainted with the idea of moving. Consider giving them a few boxes and let them pack up their room. After moving, help them get settled into their new space quickly by setting up their things.

Keep your own composure

Kids respond to how their parents react. If they see their parents being extremely stressed because of a move, odds are they will pick up that mentality as well. That’s why you as parents need to keep your composure about the move when around children. Maintaining a calm and cool atmosphere before moving will make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Keep a routine while moving

One distressing feature of moving is how fast everything can change. Kids get acclimated to familiar surroundings and are less able to come to terms with drastic quick changes. So make sure to keep a consistent schedule while planning your move, don’t try to pack it all into one day. Keeping a consistent routine and schedule while planning a move will help children get used to the idea of moving and it won’t take them by surprise.

Moving help: Tips for Moving Fitness Equipment

Are you seeking some moving help tips and ideas for transporting your fitness equipment? We’ve got you covered

If you live an active lifestyle and happen to own a treadmill, dumbells, resistance bands, or any other kind of fitness equipment, you may not know what to do with it during a move. Provided you plan on taking these items to ensure you’ll have a fitness routine established right off the bat wherever you’re settling down, here are some moving help ideas you can use to make sure you’ve packed your fitness equipment efficiently. Moving Help | Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

Tip #1: Don’t Overload the Boxes

If you have relatively heavy stuff, but not too much of it (smaller dumbells, resistance bands, yoga mats or ankle weights), make sure you’re not putting these into too big of a box. If you have quite a few of them, separate these into a couple of small boxes.

Putting several heavy items in a smaller box can be just as taxing as putting medium-weighted objects in a large, bulky box. Also, if you have particularly heavy dumbells and bars, don’t put these in boxes at all.

Tip #2: Bubble Wrap Away

If you have larger equipment that makes no sense going in a box, but it probably shouldn’t be off all on its own, try bubble wrapping it. This will protect it from bumps, scrapes, and jostles that may occur during the move. You can also mark bubble-wrapped fitness equipment with a certain color of tape so you don’t have to write with permanent marker on everything (this is a big moving help in general).

Tip #3: Flatten the Treadmill

If you have your very own treadmill, these are flattenable. If the one you purchased didn’t come with instructions, or if you threw them away after you hopped on your brand-new machine for the first in-home run, don’t worry. You can usually find the instructions for your specific treadmill online or somewhere on a sticker on the machine.

Note: treadmills are extremely heavy. Using a moving company for moving help is very advisable if you’re moving heavy fitness equipment like this. Don’t try to lift a treadmill on your own.

Tip #4: Secure Ellipticals and Larger Objects

If you have other large, structured fitness objects which don’t fold down easily, try securing moveable parts in place using bubble wrap or rope. This keeps anything from breaking or moving around inconveniently while the movers are assisting you.

Tip #5: Mark the Fitness Bags and Boxes

Once again, the quickest tip for moving fitness equipment is to use one color of tape (bright green, orange, or whatever) to mark the self-standing fitness objects and boxes. This way, you can make sure the stuff stays altogether throughout travel and is delivered to the right room or space in your new home.


Another quick tip is to wipe down or sanitize the equipment before moving it. This keeps it from developing any sort of smell if it’s a longer move. If you’re looking for experienced moving help in your area, try contacting Matheson movers. With a professional team, they can care for any moving needs and bulky equipment you might be transporting in your journey.

Moving in Together - Tips from a Top Moving and Storage Company

If you’re moving in with your partner, here are 5 quick tips for the moving and storage process!

Moving in with a partner is a wonderfully big step forward in a relationship. It can be exciting, new and fun. However, all of that excitement could be cut short with moving frustrations, storage issues, general disputes about belongings, and trying to pick necessities.

If you and your loved one are figuring out your moving and storage needs, don’t worry! Here’s a quick guide to establishing some order throughout the process. Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA
Step #1: Discuss What You Each Expect
If you’re imagining your partner will take care of calling the moving company, and your partner thinks the same about you… you can see the issues it might cause. While it seems like a pretty simple step, make sure you communicate with your other half about who will take care of what, and share with them how you’re envisioning the entire move will go. This will set a baseline in the moving and storage process.
Step #2: Inventory and Lists
You’ve got the broom, she has the best mop. He has lots of towels and toiletries, you have a lot of dishes and clothes hangers. Whatever the case, taking the time to see what your combined belongings come to is an essential step in moving in together. Once you know what you have, you can move on to the next step.
Step #3: Dejunk
Pick out the best things, what you want to keep, and what you can’t live without. It’s important to start out by selecting what you do want, rather than what you don’t think you need. After you’ve figured out what you really want to take with you into your new home, you can begin making a pile of “no’s”. Once you two have worked as a team to figure out what you’re keeping and what you’re not, split the “no” pile into three categories: trash, sell, or give away/donate.
Step #4: Call the Movers
This step is so important, especially if you have a lot of treasures or you’re moving a long ways away. Once you’ve selected the best movers of your area, such as Matheson, you can discuss your moving and storage needs with them. They can help you figure out whether you’ll need some storage during the move process. They’ll also be a huge help so that you and your significant other don’t have to stress the small stuff in this exciting time of your lives!
Step #5: Finish the Moving and Storage Process
Now that you have Matheson movers on your side and you’ve decided what you both want to take with you to the next chapter of your life, sit back and enjoy the process! Make sure to take the time to organize your things in a way that you both prefer in the new place. If your mover has done an excellent job, feel free to leave them your positive review so that other couples moving in together can have a good experience. To start this exciting process in your lives now, give Matheson movers a call today!

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Move and How Moving Furniture Can Help

If You’re Getting Ready for Your Next Move and Need Help Moving Furniture and Other Household Goods, Use this Spring Cleaning Checklist to Prepare

Spring is often the start of the busy season for movers, and it’s also the season when most of us look at our homes and decide it’s time to donate, declutter, and clean out. If you’re getting ready for a move, spring is a great time to decide what items you can let go of, and how to better organize your household. At Matheson Transfer, we can help with anything from moving furniture to a storage unit, to assisting with your residential relocation. We can also help you prepare for the organizing and cleaning tasks ahead.  moving furniture, Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

Our spring cleaning checklist can work whether you’re moving or not; if you’re a renter, and leaving a rental unit or apartment, it can be especially good to complete these tasks for a good final walk-through with your former landlord.

Kitchen: wipe off every flat surface with a disinfectant, including the walls. (We know stove splatter happens!) You’ll also want to clean behind the appliances, and know that Matheson Transfer can help with moving furniture and appliances when needed. Sweep and steam clean the floor to get it into its best shape.

Bathrooms: dust the exhaust fan, vent, and lighting fixture. Clean and disinfect each appliance in the bathroom, including the shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, door handles, towel racks, and door pulls.

Living room and dining room: wipe down baseboards, door frames, window frames, and molding. Dust out the corners of the room and anywhere else there might be cobwebs or dust. Vacuum, sweep or steam clean the flooring as appropriate.

If you’re getting ready for your next move, this spring cleaning checklist can be helpful year-round to help you prepare to leave your former residence. Moving furniture and appliances to clean behind them might seem excessive, but our experienced teams of packers and movers have seen renters lose security deposits too often!

If you need help with moving furniture, moving into a storage space, or moving into your next home, Matheson Transfer is here to help. Call today to get started with your free quote.

Searching for Help From "Moving Companies Near Me" to Help Packing, Moving and Unpacking

How to declutter, donate, and organize before you’re ready to find moving companies near me

If you’re already searching for moving companies near me, you might have lots of your move logistics already figured out, including your timeline and your new address. But before you schedule your move, it’s important to allow yourself enough time to sort, organize, donate, discard, and declutter. Remember that the more items you can take out of your household before your move, the less you have to pack, and the less you’ll have to unpack in your new home. moving companies near me - Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA

At Matheson, we’ve helped families of all shapes and sizes make their moves, from across town to across the country. And while everyone is helped by doing some organizing and donating before a move, it’s important to remember not to get stuck agonizing over certain items or decisions. Make a game plan to declutter and donate, and it will be easier for you to take action. Moving companies near me can all help you pack, move, and unpack, but it will be up to you to manage how many items in your household make the trip.

Focus on one space at a time. When you dedicate your time to a certain room, cabinet, or space at a time, you’ll find it easier to make decisions, discover duplicates, and discard unused items. For example, focusing on your bathroom might help you go through stashes of toiletries or beauty supplies without having to worry about other tasks in your home.

Designate a decluttering space. Especially if other family members are involved in sorting, organizing, and donating with you, designate an area or room in your home as Decluttering Headquarters. That way, if anyone gets stuck on a particular item, or isn’t sure how to proceed, they can move that item to the headquarters and keep focusing on their particular space or task. You can make time to go through your Decluttering Headquarters once you’ve had a chance to organize other spaces in your home.

Pick a place to donate. One of the incentives that can help you do better in letting go of items in your home is knowing that they’ll go to a charity you like, or wind up with someone else who might need them. Looking for local charities before you look for moving companies near me might not be intuitive, but it can be the inspiration you need to keep going through your home and keep giving away unused items.

If your family is getting ready to make its next move, Matheson Transfer is here to help. We offer full-service moving and storage help to families like yours. If you’re searching moving companies near me, call Matheson today to get started with your free moving quote.