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How to Compare Moving Company Services

moving company servicesWith such a vast selection of moving company services, the hiring process might overwhelm you. Fortunately, once you know how to separate the good from the not so good, you will quickly identify the best company for your specific needs. The key to success is to compare different aspects of at least three top movers. Following are the most critical factors to consider.

  • Estimates – To compare moving company services, start by requesting an estimate. Estimators will assess the type and volume of goods and then provide you with a quote. With a professional assessment from an on-site estimator, you will get the best price for the services rendered. Also, select a moving company that will provide you with a binding estimate as opposed to non-binding. For the most part, that guarantees the price quoted. Although the amount due at the end of the move could be slightly higher or lower, you can expect it to be close to what the company quoted.  
  • Reputation – The things that past customers post online about moving companies speak volumes as to the caliber of service and level of integrity. Spend a little time searching a mover’s name so that you can review comments and feedback.
  • History – Typically, a mover with years of experience does a better job than a new company. The reason is that with time and from lessons learned, moving company services improve. Choosing a moving company that has a solid history of successful business increases the chances that your move is being handled by industry experts.
  • Licensing – When comparing different movers, verify they have the required licensing. You can pull up information from the U.S. Department of Transportation to find what you need. Also, look for companies with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. That tells you that they meet high standards within the industry.
  • Services – While some movers only transport goods from one location to another, others offer a broad range of convenient add-on services. If you need help with packing and unpacking, furniture installation, vehicle transport, or something else, compare moving company services to make sure they provide what you need.
  • Insurance – Along with basic liability insurance coverage, choose a moving company that offers full replacement value protection. That way, if the movers accidentally lose, damage, or destroy something, the company will replace it for the price you would pay today.
  • Interaction – Even the interaction you have with a moving company representation matters. As a potential customer, that individual should show you the utmost respect and be patient in response to your questions.

If you consider the above factors when choosing between moving companies, you will be well on your way to finding a team of reputable movers to handle your relocation. Remember, you can always contact the experts at Matheson Transfer for all your moving questions and a free estimate.

Advice from Top Moving Companies for Moving on Short Notice

top moving companiesTop moving companies understand that moving can be a stressful event, but moving on short notice can elevate the challenge to an even higher level. Hopefully, you’ll find the following tips helpful.

Delegate everything possible. Accept that you may not be able to do it all yourself. With every task at hand, ask yourself if there is someone else that could do this just as well. This is a great opportunity for family to learn cooperation. If you have children, ask them to step up to every task they are old enough to handle. If the children are younger, hire a babysitter or take the kids to a local daycare. Hire a cleaning service so your precious time is focused on things that only you can do. Don’t try to lift heavy things. Leave the lifting to your movers, who have the experience, knowledge and appropriate tools.

Accept any qualified help that is offered. If someone you know well enough offers to watch your young children or pets, gratefully accept! If a neighbor wants to bring you some home-cooked meals, tell them that would be wonderful! When a close friend wants to help with errands, give him or her the list and thank them!

Allow your household items to be professionally packed. Top moving companies are experienced in packing personal goods. They move through the process at least twice as fast as you probably could, so let them have at it! They have the right supplies with them to make packing everything easier, especially oddball-shaped items, such as lamps or art pieces.  Additionally, you will be further assured that your valuable pieces will arrive safely and in good order to your new home.

Keep your detailed list or lists handy. You might prefer to use an app on your phone rather than a paper list, so it’s less likely to get lost. Keep a list of items you will take with you on moving day, including a change of clothing, toiletries, medicines for you and your family or pets, and emergency contact numbers, important papers, utilities, realtor, etc.  Top moving companies usually have an itemized checklist for you to use, as well.

Consider your health and wellbeing throughout this process. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for sleep. Take some time off work if possible. Don’t overdo it so you can have a quick adjustment in your new location!

International Movers Advice: 5 Things You Must Do to Prepare for an Overseas Move

international moversAs you can imagine, there is a lot more preparation that goes into an international move than moving to a different city or state within the same country. If you have a move coming up that will take you overseas, whether for work or a change of scenery, there are steps you should take to ensure the process is a success. Follow these 5 international movers tips:

  1. Cushion Your Bank Account – While moving overseas is exciting, it also comes with a significant amount of uncertainties. Along with the expenses of getting ready to move, such as the cost of a visa, international shipping of your possessions, storing or shipping a vehicle, and so on, you might have expenses upon arrival like taxi rides, a hotel room, and dining out. To avoid any financial strain, experts strongly recommend having between six and eight months of living expense money in the bank.  
  1. Check Everything Twice – Before you get on a plane to move to another country, check everything twice or even three times if necessary. Check the spelling of your name on your official visa and passport, be sure your driver’s license is valid, get your medications filled, and submit your new tax information to the proper authorities. What you want to avoid is overlooking something that could cause a significant issue before you leave or after you arrive.
  1. Hire a Moving Company – An excellent way to streamline your overseas move is by hiring trusted international movers. That way, you can feel confident that your concerns will be addressed at any point during the moving process.
  1. Storage Services – If your move is temporary, rather than spending the money to ship your furniture, you should put it in storage. While overseas, you can rent a fully furnished apartment or house, and then, once you are back home, you can get your items out. For this, make sure that you select a company with a clean and secure facility.
  1. Current Health Issues – While you have excellent healthcare in your home country, you may not have the same benefits after moving to a foreign country. For that reason, always follow up with your doctor about any current health issues. Even with that, you need to identify a reputable physician and hospital in the country where you plan to move. Hopefully, you will never need it, but you want the information ahead of time instead of trying to find it during an emergency.

An international move can seem overwhelming at first, but it can also be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Remember that you can count on the expert international movers at Matheson Transfer for all your relocation needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Office Moving Companies Corporate Relocation Tips

office moving companiesAll moves are stressful and challenging to some degree. However, when it comes to an office move, there is a lot more involved. For that reason, it is essential that you hire a top-rated company among the available office moving companies. Be sure to choose one that has years of experience and unparalleled expertise specific to business relocations. That way, you get the right kind of help that streamlines each phase of the project.

Build an Empowered Moving Team – For a successful office move, you need to create a team of employees who you empower to assist with various tasks. Select people with excellent organization, communication, and problem-solving skills. By working together, your newly formed moving team can keep other employees up-to-date on information, ensure that each department has what it needs, and follow up to confirm that everyone has packed specific belongings.

Identify a Go-To Person – Office moving companies recommend appointing one or possibly two people within your organization to serve as your “go-to” people. Remember, when relocating an office, there is always an abundance of unanswered questions and concerns. To put all your employees at ease, your go-to person or people can streamline the process and keep misinformation out of circulation.

Get Employees Involved – If you plan to build a new office, get your employees involved by having them choose between different color palettes, amenities, and so on. Being a part of an office move shows that you care how your workers feel and that you value their input.

Provide Employees with a Tour – For a small office move, you might have the chance to take your workers in groups of two to the new location, so they can visualize the space. For a large corporation, create a virtual tour shared via the company intranet. Again, that makes your employees feel as though they are a part of the adventure rather than merely tagging along.

Nearby Amenities and Services – When moving your company to a different city or state, provide the employees who will transfer with a booklet that includes information on nearby amenities and services. That way, they know the location of the closest grocery store, veterinarian clinic, hospital, dry cleaners, and so on. If you are not sure of where to find this valuable information, top office moving companies typically have resources such as these available to their customers.

For a successful move to your new office, excellent organization and communication are paramount. When you hire a reputable moving company, you will have a point of contact to assist you. Just like you provide your employees with a go-to person, that individual becomes your liaison and someone you can turn to when necessary

Matheson Transfer Winter Moving Tips

matheson transferWhen it comes to moving, it is easiest to do so between late spring and early fall. During that period, the weather is usually warm enough so that it does not interfere with moving activities. However, that is also the peak season for moving companies, which means that you could expect to pay more for a professional service that fits your schedule. Whether you want to save money or have no other option but to move during the wintertime, Matheson Transfer has some tips on how to make the process easier:

  • Moving Company – The most important decision you will make when moving in winter weather is to hire a reputable company. Ultimately, you want movers with experience and expertise specific to dealing with moves during the winter. Challenging road conditions, icy sidewalks and driveways, and extreme temperatures present a unique set of challenges that an experienced mover will know how to work around.  
  • Confirmation – Considering that winter weather is often unpredictable, approximately one week out, reach out to your point of contact at the moving company to confirm the schedule. If forecasters anticipate a bad storm, a respected moving company, like Matheson Transfer, will devise an alternative plan.
  • Floor Protection – At your current home and the new address, make sure that you have plastic on the floor. Whether you’re dealing with rain or snow, you want to keep carpeting, tile, hardwood, and other flooring material protected as the moving crew goes in and out.
  • Reduced Heat – While you want both properties to feel comfortable during the moving process, because the doors will remain open for the movers to do their job, the movers at Matheson Transfer recommend lowering the thermostat slightly. That way you will not end up with an extremely high heating bill.
  • Clear Pathways – In preparation for the moving crew to arrive, clear off any snow from walkways, pathways, and the driveway. That will make it easier for the crew to perform their job and prevent costly accidents. Don’t forget to apply salt to those icy surfaces!
  • Small Children – Not only do small children get in the way of the movers, which creates a risk of injury, but they also do not handle colder conditions well. Therefore, consider taking them to a relative or friend’s home during the time your belongings are being packed, loaded, and transported.
  • Pets – One of the perks of moving during the summer is that pets can be kept outside in the backyard, while movers are loading the truck. Unfortunately, this option is not available during winter months. Moving specialists at Matheson Transfer advise that you seek out a boarding facility, where your pets can be warm and comfortable during the move. You will know they are safe and well cared for until after the movers have delivered your belongings to their new destination. Just make sure to select a reputable facility with heated floors, quick access to a veterinarian, and 24-hour on-site personnel.

If you are struggling with how to manage the challenges of a winter move, call the experts at Matheson Transfer for assistance today!

Benefits of Getting Help Moving From the Right Company

help movingThose that have moved before without professional assistance know just how exhausting planning and executing a DIY move can be. Although a DIY move is usually a tactic to save money, it can be very frustrating and time consuming. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can get excellent help moving by hiring the right company.

Essential Guides and Checklists
A reputable moving company can provide you with various guides and checklists so that you have instructions to follow step by step; this will streamline the organizational aspect of your move, which will eliminate any unnecessary stress. Also, using a checklist will keep you on schedule and help you decide what items to donate, recycle, store, and toss out. The mover may have a charitable organization they recommend for donated items. Be sure to check with your moving specialist for their advice on where to send donated goods.

Packing and Unpacking
The process of packing and unpacking is probably the most significant stressor when moving because of the large amount of time it demands. Not only do you have to find quality boxes and purchase the right supplies, but then you also need to figure out the best way to get things inside the boxes to prevent damage. Juggling heavy packed boxes around your home is a hassle and very physically demanding. A full-service company will have a dedicated team for packing and help moving boxes.

Typically, these individuals will show up on the day of your move with everything needed in hand. Then, working like a well-oiled machine, they will pack all your possessions and get them ready for transport. Their help greatly reduces the risk of damage to property or chance of personal injury from managing all packing tasks yourself.

Business Relocation
The need for help moving is sometimes even greater in commercial instances. Office moves usually contain heavy furniture, sensitive documents, and fragile IT equipment. At a business there may be several employees assisting with coordinating moving activities. If someone is out sick or has a family emergency, you don’t want the details of the move to fall apart. In that case, the company that you hire will designate a point of contact – someone who will answer questions, provide information, and get things organized in preparation for moving day. By utilizing one point of contact at the moving company, you can feel confident that all details will be covered.

As with a residential move, a team of experts will arrive at your business to pack things up, label boxes, and organize the containers for efficient loading. Once the boxes arrive at their destination the movers will be available to assemble furniture and re-connect computer equipment in a timely fashion, so as not to disrupt business operations.

Residential and Commercial
Whether you have a residential or commercial move coming up, there is no reason for you to try to tackle everything yourself. From scheduling, to packing, transportation, and unpacking, a quality team will have you covered. When hiring a trusted company, you will get all the help moving that you need, and then some.

For more questions regarding what services dedicated movers can provide, contact Matheson Transfer today!

Local Moving Service Tips: 4 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Move

Although moving a mile away from your current home or to the other side of town is not overly challenging, you still need to make wise decisions when planning your move. Unfortunately, many people who are on the verge of a move underestimate the work involved. By following these local moving service tips you can avoid 4 common mistakes and enjoy a seamless process:

local moving service

  1. Procrastinating – All too often, people who move locally wait until the last minute to take care of things. Roughly two months out from your scheduled move date, make a list of every item that you need to handle. For instance, give your landlord notice, put in a change of address with the post office, notify your credit card companies, arrange for the shut-off and turn-on of utilities, and of course, hire a reliable moving company. If you plan to pack rather than have professional movers do the job, you will also need  high-quality boxes, packing material, and tape.


  1. Getting Everyone Involved – Because you are moving a short distance, you probably think it is a good idea to contact family members and friends to come over and help pack. The truth is that the more people you get involved, the more chaotic the process can be. Therefore, choose just one to three people who have excellent organizational skills to assist. As for the move itself, you will benefit significantly by using a professional local moving service as opposed to only people you know.


  1. Overlooking Utilities – Another common mistake is thinking that your current and new address have the same utility providers. Even if your move is just five miles away, that does not automatically mean you would get your water, gas, and electric from the same source. Also, at your new home, you may be responsible for additional utility services that differ from your current setup. For example, your new home might require that you pay for sewer or trash services, which were formerly included with the rent at your previous residence. By being aware of these changes you can prevent potential issues from developing down the road.


  1. Improper Packing – Often, things like dishes, glasses, and other breakables get damaged or destroyed during a move. The reason has to do with improper To make sure your possessions arrive at your new place without damage, it is worth including packing and unpacking as part of your local moving service contract. That way, a team of experienced and trained experts will get everything packed the correct way, eliminating risk and undue stress.


These are just a few of the most common mistakes that people make when moving locally. For a positive experience, consider using a reputable local moving service that provides a range of add-on services that will streamline the overall process.

The Best Moving Assistance Available

moving assistanceFor the best moving assistance in Pennsylvania, Matheson Transfer is the most respected and trusted source. Whether you need help with a residential move, long-distance move, commercial office move, equipment move, or an employee relocation, we have the solution. As an agent of North American Van Lines, we have incredible resources, which ultimately benefit you as the customer.


With close to 80 years experience providing stellar services, you will enjoy a virtually stress-free experience. Not only will we get your possessions from one location to another safely and efficiently, but we also have a clean and secure storage facility. That way, you can keep items stored for as long as you need without worrying about anything getting damaged or stolen. Even the prices are unbelievably affordable.


The attention to detail is what makes getting moving assistance from Matheson Transfer different from other companies. We utilize only the best fleet and equipment for moving and loading goods. Combined with taking a systematic approach to how the work gets done, this ensures that everything will arrive as scheduled and in the same condition as it left.


Moving assistance from Matheson Transfer also comes in the form of add-on services. In addition to incredible standard services, you can get professional help with packing; unpacking; vehicle transportation; oversized items; IT equipment and other electronics; furniture disassembly, reassembly, and installation; and a lot more. By using these services, you have very little to do on moving day.


Even before your scheduled move, you can have an estimator come to your home or business to assess the situation and provide you with an accurate estimate. If you need help with planning, a representative from Matheson Transfer can assist with that, as well. In other words, you have support from beginning to end.


This moving and storage company also offers customized moving assistance. Therefore, if you need help with something out of the ordinary, we can accommodate you. Along with in-house staff, every member of the moving team is professional, experienced, and extensively trained. In fact, our moving and storage professionals are certified, giving you even more peace of mind.


No matter what kind of moving assistance you want, the experts at Matheson Transfer will go the extra mile to ensure you get what you need to make a well-informed decision. Instead of trusting your upcoming move or relocation to just any company, you want to select one that you are confident will do a superior job.

Call today to plan your next move.

Insider Tips from Top Residential Moving Companies

Like every industry, top residential moving companies apply lessons learned over the years to enhance the customer’s experience. Professional movers also have insider tips that can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Thankfully, some companies decided to share this information, which you can use to streamline your upcoming move. residential moving companies

  • Packing – If you want to pack boxes instead of having the company do the work for you, always have the job done before the scheduled move date. There are two reasons for this. First of all, not having everything packed could end up costing you more. If the moving team stands around waiting for you to get things organized, it could add to your final bill. Second of all, unless you have your possessions packed and ready to go, your move might get delayed. If you need to get settled into your new home quickly, even getting your items delivered a few hours late could prove disastrous.  
  • Survival Bag – The best residential moving companies also know the value of preparing a survival bag. Even if you plan to move nearby or within the same city, if the moving truck were in an accident or broke down, you could get stranded without the things you need. Therefore, put together a survival bag consisting of one or two changes of clothing, toiletries, a first-aid kit and medication, a cell phone charger, snacks and bottled water, pet supplies if applicable, and important documents, especially those about the move.
  • Avoid Damage – The best way to prevent your possessions from getting damaged is by utilizing packing and unpacking services offered by top residential moving companies. As experts, not only do they use superior-quality boxes and supplies, but they also pack in a strategic way. As an example, rather than lay glass plates flat, as most people do, professional movers lay them on their end, thereby preventing damage.
  • Binding Estimate – You can avoid paying more than expected by requesting a binding estimate when calling residential moving companies for quotes. Top moving companies will gladly give this to their customers when asked. What this does is cap the maximum price of the move. As part of this, always ask the moving company how it bills for additional hours.
  • Off-Peak Moving – Residential moving companies also know an excellent way to keep costs down is by hiring them to move during the off-peak season or hours. Whenever possible, schedule your moving day for the middle of the month and on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You can also save money by moving between the latter part of September and April.

How a Professional Mover Will Help Minimize Stress

Every move is stressful to some degree. However, for a streamlined process, it is always better to hire a professional mover rather than to enlist professional mover Forty Fort,PAthe services of family and friends. By hiring a reputable moving company, everything will go smoother, thereby minimizing your stress level.


  • Start Early – Even when hiring a professional mover, you still need to accomplish some things yourself. To avoid stress, get started on your responsibilities as early as possible. For instance, if you decide to pack up your home as opposed to having the moving company handle that aspect of the job, get quality boxes and packing material and then start packing a month out.
  • Effort – Realistically, moving requires a lot of energy. Instead of trying to convince yourself otherwise, be honest that you will likely feel some degree of frustration. Pretending that you will have an uneventful move will only increase your stress load.
  • Longer than Expected – Preparing for a move takes more time than you might anticipate. However, a team of experts working on your behalf can dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to complete the job. As a prime example, you can take advantage of add-on services offered by the moving company like packing and unpacking, thereby speeding up the process and reducing your stress.
  • Know Your Goods – Instead of assuming a professional mover will get all your goods moved, make sure there are no limitations. For instance, if you have a baby grand piano, you need confirmation from the company you hire that it can handle that item. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a position of needing to make last-minute arrangements that would send your stress over the top.
  • Documentation – The great thing about hiring a professional mover is that you have confidence the crew will handle your possessions with the utmost respect. However, accidents happen even to reputable moving companies. For your protection and to reduce any stress, always document expensive items. Not only do you want to make a list, but you should also take photos so that if you need to file a claim, you have visual proof.
  • Overnight Bag – If you plan to hire a long-distance or interstate professional mover, you will arrive at your new home ahead of your belongings. You can avoid stress while waiting for the truck to come by putting an overnight bag together. Include extra clothing, toiletries, medication, snacks and bottled water, toys for the children, food and leashes for any pets, essential documents, and so on.