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What to Expect When Requesting Local Moving Quotes

local moving quotes | Forty Fort, PAThere are a lot of details that go into creating a moving quote and all the information that you give your prospective moving company will affect the local moving quotes you are given. Moving companies must be able to collect this information before they can give you a proper estimate of their costs. Quotes can be confusing if you do not understand how moving companies determine what they will charge you. By asking a series of questions about how much you have to move, what types of items you have, and how much help you actually need, they can better determine your approximate costs.

What Goes into a Moving Quote

There are several different factors that must be considered when making an estimate, these include:

  • Is it a long distance or local move – Rates are figured much differently for local and long-distance moves. Local moves are within 100 miles and local moving quotes are determined with a non-binding estimate as opposed to a long distance move which is determined by a binding estimate. The real difference is that you are charged by the hour for local moves, and the final cost may differ from the estimate they gave, based on what your needs are on moving day. Long distance moves are determined by weight and quotes are binding.
  • What is included in a local quote – Local moves could be completed by multiple trucks and movers. This can affect the amount you are charged per hour, as each truck and trip will have its own drive times that you will be charged for. Other charges include actual drive time (including all drive time from the time the truck leaves the facility until it returns), packing if requested, packing materials, loading and unloading time, and other help that you might request during the move.
  • Damage Protection – A lot of people avoid adding packing to their local moving quotes, thinking that it will save them money to do the packing themselves. While this is true, consider the fact that if there is any damage to your items in the moving process that it might eat up any savings that you gained by doing your own packing. If you allow movers to pack, then your possessions will be full protected should damage occur.

The Most Accurate Estimate is the Most Detailed Estimate

If you really want to have a clear idea of how much your move is going to cost, it is important to ensure that you are as detailed as possible about the details that you provide. Make sure you describe the contents of your home accurately, and that you articulate everything that you want help with. Doing so will ensure there are no surprises by the end of your move.

When you are ready to get started on local moving quotes be sure to contact us at Matheson Transfer. Our team will offer you detailed moving estimates based on their knowledge of the area and the moving process so there are no big surprises on moving day.

Professional Help with Moving Fine Art and Antiques

help with movingEven if you think you have prepared everything right, moving your fine art and antiques can put them at risk of damage. When it comes to packing and moving items such as these, it is always better to trust the experts to provide the best possible help with moving them. Professional moving companies have teams who have the right equipment and specialized training needed to make sure the move goes without a hitch or causing any damage. Many moving companies offer this type of specialized packing service, which typically includes placing your expensive items in a custom crate for added protection.

The Estimate

An estimator will come to your home, assess the value of each item and the type of customized packing required. From this, he can provide you with an accurate estimate and then talk to you about your insurance options. While you can purchase a policy that covers everything for full value from the movers, you should also contact your own insurance company. By doing this, you ensure that should an accident occur; your items are fully covered. Be sure you take pictures and make a complete inventory of all items being packed and moved.

Packing Antiques

As part of providing you help with moving, a team of professional packers will take each item and pack them using bubble wrap, specialized packing paper, moving blankets, and custom-made crates. Their goal is to cover each item completely, to completely protect them from dents, scratches, and many other forms of damage.  Then using the appropriate type of dolly, a team of experts will load each item into the moving truck and secure it in place using straps and moving blankets. In the event the item is placed in a crate, the movers may stack additional light boxes or items on top of it to maximize the use of space in their truck.

Packing Fine Art

If you have the original box your fine art came in, the packers will use it. If not, each item will be wrapped using a unique packing material. The material is secured using tape, and it is then placed inside of a picture box. If you are shipping large pieces of art that can be rolled up, the movers have large tubes available. Of course, if you own a very large painting, a custom-built crate is always the best choice.

Before packing, each work of art will have corner protectors added; then it will be wrapped in special “breathable” type of paper, followed by several layers of bubble wrap, and finally a moving blanket that is secured using heavy-duty tape. Paintings not boxed are placed face to face to prevent the hanging hardware on the back for becoming damaged or damaging another piece of art. Everything is then secured in place to ensure nothing falls over during the trip.

If you have any questions or need help with moving your fine art and antiques, contact the experts at Matheson Transfer today and let us send our experts to you for your next move.

Making a Long-Distance Move – Follow These Tips for Moving Out of State

long distance moveTypically, there is far more to plan when making a long distance move than there is moving across town. For this reason, moving companies, like Matheson Transfer, plan the move more carefully and make sure they have extra time to accommodate for any unforeseen challenges. Here are several tips to help make sure your next move goes smoothly.

Create Your Plan of Action

Whether you are using a computer program, a sheet of paper, or a checklist you can pick up from your moving company, you must create a working plan if you want your long distance move to go smoothly. The checklist is a little like a step-by-step plan of action, and it helps to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Inventory Your Home

Take the time to inventory your home and put it all on paper. Take photographs of expensive items like televisions, furniture, paintings, and so on. This way if anything goes missing or is damaged on your long-distance move, you have everything you need to file a claim with the moving company.

Establish a Budget

Moving your household to another state can be expensive. Before you get started, you need to establish a budget. This lets you know how much you have to spend and can help you identify ways in which you can cut down on costs. Knowing your budget can also help you decide which services you can afford and which ones you can afford to pass on.

Hire a Professional Long-Distance Moving Company

Rather than trying to rent a moving truck and handle your long-distance move by yourself, consider hiring a professional moving company. Look for one like Matheson Transfer, who has a proven track record and offers competitive pricing on all moving services. Be sure they are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Look for BBB certification and a US DOT number on their trucks; this should give you the peace of mind needed for a successful move.

Organization Counts

Make sure you have everything ready to go at your new home. Be sure the power, water, and gas are all turned on and ready to go. Look for a new doctor, register your children (if you have any) with their new schools, find your local grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores. The more you have done before you move in, the easier the move will be.

Transporting Your Vehicles

If you are planning to hire a moving company to transport your vehicle(s) to your new home, it is essential for you to ensure they are serviced and washed before the move. Plan for the move to take up to two weeks and either have a family member loan you a vehicle when you arrive or plan to have a rental car waiting for you.

If you have any questions concerning your next long distance move, contact the experts at Matheson Transfer. We would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to get started.

Packing Advice from Top Long Distance Moving Services

long distance moving servicesHere at Matheson Transfer, we offer a full range of long distance moving services. As your moving company of choice, we are just as concerned as you that your goods arrive at your new home in the same condition as when they left your old home. Because of this, we would like to offer you these long distance packing tips.

Hire Professional Long Distance Moving Services
If you are making an out of state move, the most important tip we, and most other long distance moving companies, can offer, is to hire a professional moving service. These companies have the knowledge and experience to handle your goods with care and minimize the risk of any damage occurring.

Let Them Do the Packing
Let whichever moving company you have chosen handle all of the packing for you. They have professional packers and all the right packing materials, padding, boxes, and if necessary custom packing to ensure your property is well-protected for the long journey. This includes the appropriate materials to wrap your china, glass and crystal. Heavy-duty packing boxes are provided and will be taped bottom, top, and sides for added security. Each box will be marked with your name, the room it goes in, and a list of the contents. If you are moving area rugs or carpets, they will be rolled and wrapped in a protective paper.

Furniture will be wrapped in shipping pads, as will any appliances. If possible, furniture may be disassembled with the hardware placed in plastic bags that are appropriately labeled for reassembly.

Don’t Forget Unpacking Services
Your best bet is to also let the movers unpack for you. Not only will this take away some of the stress of moving into a new home in an unfamiliar neighborhood, but it also ensures the process is completed on time. Employees of long distance moving services are specifically trained in unpacking a home in an organized fashion. This gives you time to adjust to your new surroundings and attend to tasks like setting up utilities, a new banking account, and locating a new family physician.

Choose What Goes Wisely
The cost of your move will be largely dependent upon how many belongings need to be transported or shipped. If you can, get organized in advance of your move and discard or donate any items that you are no longer using. This will ultimately save on packing and transportation costs.

Matheson Transfer is proud to be a leader in Pennsylvania long distance moving services. Our personnel are here to help with your interstate relocation needs. Contact us today to arrange for your free estimate.

Local Moving Services Checklist: Items You Should Not Pack Before a Move

local moving servicesIf you are getting ready to make the big move to your next home, you are probably busy getting ready and packing as many boxes as you can. But as you pack, local moving services ask that you remember, there are certain things you should not attempt to pack before they arrive on scene at your home. They also recommend you keep an itinerary with a list of things you need to do in chronological order. This will help you and your family keep everything on track as moving day gets closer.

Talk to Your Local Moving Services First

Long before moving day arrives, you need to talk to the various local moving services about what can and cannot be moved. They can tell you what can be moved locally and or across the country based on the various local, state, and federal laws. These items cannot be packed into a moving vehicle for transportation:

  • Spray paint cans
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Fireworks

Firearms and ammunition may be shipped but there are very special requirements and not all local moving companies will carry them.

What About My House Plants?

Some states do not allow you to bring live plants in from another state. Along with this, if your move involves going a long way, your plants may not deal well with several days of being in the dark, in what may be a very hot trailer and with no water. You may want to say good-bye to your plants and leave them with friends or family. If you are moving across town or within a few hours driving distance, you can simply move your plants in your car or have a friend bring them to you once you have settled in.

Perishable Foods

If you are making a long-distance move, give your leftover perishable foods to friends, family, or the local food bank. You should also plan to eat out for the duration of the move and for the first couple of days in your new home. You can keep your costs down a bit by carrying some food with you in a cooler.

Now that you know what cannot be packed and shipped by your local moving services, it’s time to create a list of everything your family is going to need for the trip and once you arrive at your new home. Those listed as immediate needs should not be packed into the moving vehicle. Everyone should have their own suitcase that includes changes of clothes, sleepwear, toiletries, toothbrush, and any medications.

If you are taking a large amount of cash, your jewelry, and valuable papers, they should be placed in your trunk in a safety lockbox. Make sure you have food, water, bowls, toys, and any medications your pet needs for the trip in a backpack. If they are microchipped, be sure to let the microchip company know your new address.

The more organized you are at the outset, the more successful your move is likely to be. As one of your top local moving services, Matheson Transfer hopes these tips help make your move less stressful.

Relocation Moving Companies’ Advice: Moving for a New Job

relocation moving companiesMoving to a new city can be an exciting new milestone. However, relocating for a new job could make you feel overwhelmed, so it’s important to choose one of the best relocation moving companies to help you feel more settled and confident right from the start. This is true whether you are moving across town, to a different state, across the country, or even overseas. The move itself is a challenge, but additionally, you’ll start work in an unfamiliar environment. Matheson Transfer offers you some advice to make your moving process feel less intimidating.

To get started, hiring one of the most reputable relocation moving companies will set you at ease. Experienced moving companies specialize in services that are time-savers for you and your family. Relocation specialists should be able to answer all your questions, keep you informed on schedules or potential changes, and be of assistance with concerns or issues that could arise.

Relocation moving companies typically have a helpful checklist for customers to ensure everything gets handled smoothly. When you expect to start a new career position just after moving, usually there is little time to get ready for it, so take any help you have offered to you! Let the moving experts handle as many aspects of the move as possible, so you can focus on the things that only you can handle in your new surroundings. Schedule the utilities, find cleaning services, schools and child care. Get familiar in your new neighborhood with the nearby businesses, shops, casual diners and fun trendy restaurants, healthcare and emergency resources.

An experienced moving company knows you’re managing a tight schedule, even if you’re relocating locally. A new company position within your current city still means a lot to do, but you’ll have fewer things on your plate by allowing your mover to handle the packing and unpacking services. This will save you some time, but also, offer better protection for your valuables. Relocation moving companies can also offer furniture disassembly and reassembly, as well, so don’t struggle with details that can be quickly done by your movers. You can potentially drive up to your new home and just relax by attending to your personal needs and getting a good night of sleep prior to starting your new career.

If you have questions regarding an upcoming relocation, we are here to help. Contact the experts at Matheson Transfer today!



Tips for Local Moves: Moving Into Your First Apartment

local movesSo, you’re ready to move into your first apartment? Once you have completed your apartment hunt, decided on your best place, and scheduled a move, you’re on your way to a different kind of life as an apartment dweller. After moving hundreds of tenants into their first apartments, Matheson Transfer, an expert in local moves, offers the following tips to help you throughout the process.

Measure the Layout of Space
Once you’ve signed your lease, hopefully you’ve already gotten an idea of the apartment layout and your landlord has been able to show you inside before you’re moving in. Take the needed time to fully familiarize yourself with your new home. We always recommend taking a measuring tape. Measure your rooms and windows, so you’ll know where to place your furniture in advance of your move. Take some photos while you’re there, too. Local moves can be easier than long-distance, and if you currently live out of town, you might have some guesswork. Often a friendly landlord is willing to help and will take the measurements and pictures for you.

Get Utilities Set Up in Advance
If you’re moving into your very first rental, don’t forget to make arrangements with the utility companies. Of course, some apartments have utilities already included with your rent, but you might need to set up new accounts in your name. It might be necessary to get the gas and electric turned on and your garbage service started. Call for television, internet and phone services, as well. We don’t advise scheduling your services on your moving day. This could bring chaos and you might even get delayed and unintentionally miss your appointment, resulting in extra charges or fees. Those people with local moves have an advantage, as you could potentially go a day or two ahead of moving day to get everything set up.

Hire a Quality Moving Company
There are many movers to choose from. Why settle for anything but the best? Be sure you have checked ratings with the Better Business Bureau and online reviews. Check that the company is fully bonded and insured, too. Hire a quality moving company like Matheson Transfer, whether for local moves or long-distance, and you’ll be sure to have quality customer service and peace of mind. Rest assured that an expert relocation specialist will walk you through each step of the moving process. Call Matheson Transfer today for more information!

How to Compare Moving Company Services

moving company servicesWith such a vast selection of moving company services, the hiring process might overwhelm you. Fortunately, once you know how to separate the good from the not so good, you will quickly identify the best company for your specific needs. The key to success is to compare different aspects of at least three top movers. Following are the most critical factors to consider.

  • Estimates – To compare moving company services, start by requesting an estimate. Estimators will assess the type and volume of goods and then provide you with a quote. With a professional assessment from an on-site estimator, you will get the best price for the services rendered. Also, select a moving company that will provide you with a binding estimate as opposed to non-binding. For the most part, that guarantees the price quoted. Although the amount due at the end of the move could be slightly higher or lower, you can expect it to be close to what the company quoted.  
  • Reputation – The things that past customers post online about moving companies speak volumes as to the caliber of service and level of integrity. Spend a little time searching a mover’s name so that you can review comments and feedback.
  • History – Typically, a mover with years of experience does a better job than a new company. The reason is that with time and from lessons learned, moving company services improve. Choosing a moving company that has a solid history of successful business increases the chances that your move is being handled by industry experts.
  • Licensing – When comparing different movers, verify they have the required licensing. You can pull up information from the U.S. Department of Transportation to find what you need. Also, look for companies with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. That tells you that they meet high standards within the industry.
  • Services – While some movers only transport goods from one location to another, others offer a broad range of convenient add-on services. If you need help with packing and unpacking, furniture installation, vehicle transport, or something else, compare moving company services to make sure they provide what you need.
  • Insurance – Along with basic liability insurance coverage, choose a moving company that offers full replacement value protection. That way, if the movers accidentally lose, damage, or destroy something, the company will replace it for the price you would pay today.
  • Interaction – Even the interaction you have with a moving company representation matters. As a potential customer, that individual should show you the utmost respect and be patient in response to your questions.

If you consider the above factors when choosing between moving companies, you will be well on your way to finding a team of reputable movers to handle your relocation. Remember, you can always contact the experts at Matheson Transfer for all your moving questions and a free estimate.

Advice from Top Moving Companies for Moving on Short Notice

top moving companiesTop moving companies understand that moving can be a stressful event, but moving on short notice can elevate the challenge to an even higher level. Hopefully, you’ll find the following tips helpful.

Delegate everything possible. Accept that you may not be able to do it all yourself. With every task at hand, ask yourself if there is someone else that could do this just as well. This is a great opportunity for family to learn cooperation. If you have children, ask them to step up to every task they are old enough to handle. If the children are younger, hire a babysitter or take the kids to a local daycare. Hire a cleaning service so your precious time is focused on things that only you can do. Don’t try to lift heavy things. Leave the lifting to your movers, who have the experience, knowledge and appropriate tools.

Accept any qualified help that is offered. If someone you know well enough offers to watch your young children or pets, gratefully accept! If a neighbor wants to bring you some home-cooked meals, tell them that would be wonderful! When a close friend wants to help with errands, give him or her the list and thank them!

Allow your household items to be professionally packed. Top moving companies are experienced in packing personal goods. They move through the process at least twice as fast as you probably could, so let them have at it! They have the right supplies with them to make packing everything easier, especially oddball-shaped items, such as lamps or art pieces.  Additionally, you will be further assured that your valuable pieces will arrive safely and in good order to your new home.

Keep your detailed list or lists handy. You might prefer to use an app on your phone rather than a paper list, so it’s less likely to get lost. Keep a list of items you will take with you on moving day, including a change of clothing, toiletries, medicines for you and your family or pets, and emergency contact numbers, important papers, utilities, realtor, etc.  Top moving companies usually have an itemized checklist for you to use, as well.

Consider your health and wellbeing throughout this process. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for sleep. Take some time off work if possible. Don’t overdo it so you can have a quick adjustment in your new location!

International Movers Advice: 5 Things You Must Do to Prepare for an Overseas Move

international moversAs you can imagine, there is a lot more preparation that goes into an international move than moving to a different city or state within the same country. If you have a move coming up that will take you overseas, whether for work or a change of scenery, there are steps you should take to ensure the process is a success. Follow these 5 international movers tips:

  1. Cushion Your Bank Account – While moving overseas is exciting, it also comes with a significant amount of uncertainties. Along with the expenses of getting ready to move, such as the cost of a visa, international shipping of your possessions, storing or shipping a vehicle, and so on, you might have expenses upon arrival like taxi rides, a hotel room, and dining out. To avoid any financial strain, experts strongly recommend having between six and eight months of living expense money in the bank.  
  1. Check Everything Twice – Before you get on a plane to move to another country, check everything twice or even three times if necessary. Check the spelling of your name on your official visa and passport, be sure your driver’s license is valid, get your medications filled, and submit your new tax information to the proper authorities. What you want to avoid is overlooking something that could cause a significant issue before you leave or after you arrive.
  1. Hire a Moving Company – An excellent way to streamline your overseas move is by hiring trusted international movers. That way, you can feel confident that your concerns will be addressed at any point during the moving process.
  1. Storage Services – If your move is temporary, rather than spending the money to ship your furniture, you should put it in storage. While overseas, you can rent a fully furnished apartment or house, and then, once you are back home, you can get your items out. For this, make sure that you select a company with a clean and secure facility.
  1. Current Health Issues – While you have excellent healthcare in your home country, you may not have the same benefits after moving to a foreign country. For that reason, always follow up with your doctor about any current health issues. Even with that, you need to identify a reputable physician and hospital in the country where you plan to move. Hopefully, you will never need it, but you want the information ahead of time instead of trying to find it during an emergency.

An international move can seem overwhelming at first, but it can also be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Remember that you can count on the expert international movers at Matheson Transfer for all your relocation needs. Contact us today to learn more.