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How a Professional Mover Will Help Minimize Stress

Every move is stressful to some degree. However, for a streamlined process, it is always better to hire a professional mover rather than to enlist professional mover Forty Fort,PAthe services of family and friends. By hiring a reputable moving company, everything will go smoother, thereby minimizing your stress level.


  • Start Early – Even when hiring a professional mover, you still need to accomplish some things yourself. To avoid stress, get started on your responsibilities as early as possible. For instance, if you decide to pack up your home as opposed to having the moving company handle that aspect of the job, get quality boxes and packing material and then start packing a month out.
  • Effort – Realistically, moving requires a lot of energy. Instead of trying to convince yourself otherwise, be honest that you will likely feel some degree of frustration. Pretending that you will have an uneventful move will only increase your stress load.
  • Longer than Expected – Preparing for a move takes more time than you might anticipate. However, a team of experts working on your behalf can dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to complete the job. As a prime example, you can take advantage of add-on services offered by the moving company like packing and unpacking, thereby speeding up the process and reducing your stress.
  • Know Your Goods – Instead of assuming a professional mover will get all your goods moved, make sure there are no limitations. For instance, if you have a baby grand piano, you need confirmation from the company you hire that it can handle that item. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a position of needing to make last-minute arrangements that would send your stress over the top.
  • Documentation – The great thing about hiring a professional mover is that you have confidence the crew will handle your possessions with the utmost respect. However, accidents happen even to reputable moving companies. For your protection and to reduce any stress, always document expensive items. Not only do you want to make a list, but you should also take photos so that if you need to file a claim, you have visual proof.
  • Overnight Bag – If you plan to hire a long-distance or interstate professional mover, you will arrive at your new home ahead of your belongings. You can avoid stress while waiting for the truck to come by putting an overnight bag together. Include extra clothing, toiletries, medication, snacks and bottled water, toys for the children, food and leashes for any pets, essential documents, and so on.

Helpful Tips from the Best Local Moving and Storage Companies

After finding a new place to live, you need to decide on the right moving company.Local Moving and Storage Companies | Forty Fort, PA However, you feel stressed because your move falls around Thanksgiving. Fortunately, when staying in town or within 200 miles from where you currently live, you can depend on the services of a well-respected company that provides local services. Here are some tips from top local moving and storage companies to make the process go more smoothly.

  • Get Rid of “Stuff” – While decluttering your home may not seem like that big of a deal, it is, considering that it will save you a significant amount of time when moving during the Thanksgiving holiday. By getting rid of things, you will spend less time packing but also less money on the move since the price is based on the weight of the goods.
  • Healthcare and Services – As explained by reputable local moving and storage companies, if you plan to move to the other side of town, you might need to find a new primary care physician and identify services located closer to your new address. Ultimately, you want to line up several potential doctors to speak with and gather information about grocery stores, dry cleaners, car washes, banks, and other services that you use. If you have children, you might also need to get them enrolled in a different school. Before moving day, make sure that you have all transcripts, immunization records, and other pertinent documentation organized.
  • Organizing Electronics – Local moving and storage companies also suggest that you get electronics and associated cables arranged before the moving crew arrives. Not only will that help streamline their job, it will also reduce the risk of something getting misplaced.
  • High-Dollar Items – For anything of significant value, take a photo. If an item gets damaged or destroyed during transit, you have proof to submit along with your claim.
  • Using Clear Containers – Local moving and storage companies recommend that you use high-quality boxes for packing most of your possessions and then clear plastic containers for items that you will need during the first few days in your new home. That way, you can quickly differentiate things that you need immediately from those that you can take longer to unpack. You might even put a box together of Thanksgiving decorations to make your new place feel festive immediately after arriving.

Matheson Moving and Storage is among the most reliable and trusted moving and storage companies in the area. For help with your upcoming move, contact us for a free quote.

Local Moving and Storage Tips for the Holidays

Moving is always stressful, but that’s especially true during the holidays. Thanks to incredible tips provided by a top moving and storage company, you can move this holiday season without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Hiring Professional Movers – Especially if you’re moving across town to a new community, this is not the time of year to get bogged down with responsibilities. As one of the many decisions that you can make to eliminate anxiety, hire a professional moving company.


  • Keep Familiar Possessions – As part of planning for a move, people usually take the opportunity to get rid of things. However, you should hold onto familiar items that pertain to the holidays. For example, if you have Thanksgiving dishes or Christmas ornaments that date back years, keeping them will make you feel better as you move into a new home. Hold onto things that remind you of home. After the holidays, you can then decide to donate, recycle, or toss them out. Or, perhaps you can pass them down to the next generation.


  • Have People Over – An excellent tip provided by a local moving and storage company is that instead of pushing people away after moving to a new neighborhood, invite family, friends, and even some of your neighbors over for dinner. If you have time, cook a meal, but otherwise, ask everyone to bring a dish or order food in. You will feel comfortable around the people who you already know but also have the chance to make new friends.


  • Get out into the Community – As explained by a well-respected moving and storage company, some people refuse to leave their new homes after moving. With the combination of not yet getting all of the unpacking done, it being during the holiday season, and not knowing anyone, it becomes easy to stay inside. However, going out for a walk, visiting a nearby store, seeing a movie, and so on, will give you a much-needed break and the chance to get to know your new surroundings.


  • Local Charities – During the holidays, various charitable organizations always need help. Instead of feeling overwhelmed because of your move, a moving and storage company recommends getting involved with a local charity event. For instance, you could help serve food to the homeless at a soup kitchen, read books to children at a library, visit patients in the hospital who have no family, and so on. Giving your time makes other people feel good and puts you in the holiday spirit even after moving to a different community.

How to Determine Which Moving Service You Need

You know that you are moving in the next three months and thatMoving Service | Forty Fort, PA as part of that, you have a lot to get done. However, having never moved before, you have no idea which kind of moving service you need. As you will discover, there are several things to consider when choosing a moving company. By making the right decision, you will enjoy a streamlined and cost-effective process.


  • Local, Long-Distance, or International – The first thing you need to decide is which type of moving company you should hire. Local movers are just that: a team of professionals who will take your possessions from one address to another within the same city. When moving a particular number of miles away, you would hire a long-distance moving company. As for the mileage criterion, it varies, but in most cases, long-distance movers handle anything 200 miles away or farther. As for international movers, they have the responsibility of getting you moved to another country.


  • Standard versus Full-Service Options – Something else you need to consider is whether you want to take advantage of a moving service offered by the company that you hire. With standard services, you can expect for a trained and dedicated team of experts to come to your home or business and load packed boxes and containers as well as large standalone items onto the truck. With a full service moving company, a team that specializes in packing and moving will show up with all required supplies and pack everything on your behalf. Although there is an additional cost for this moving service, it is well worth paying for in many situations. Along with packing, full service includes furniture disassembly and reassembly, moving oversized items, and more.


  • Planning and Organizing – Depending on the company that you hire, this moving service may come standard or fall into the add-on services category. Either way, since you have never moved, getting professional help with the planning and organizing phase would be highly beneficial. That way, you would know the exact steps to take and when to take them to ensure a streamlined and more affordable process.


Something to note is that by speaking with a reputable moving company, you will have a much better idea of how to proceed. Because the company’s number one focus in on the customer’s satisfaction as opposed to securing every deal, you can use the honest answers and information received to make the right decisions.

Why Is a Moving Checklist So Important?

In exchange for hiring a professional moving company, Moving Checklist | Forty Fort, PA | Mathesonnot only will you get excellent services at a competitive price, but you’ll also get a lot of helpful information that will streamline the entire moving process. A top-rated company has one goal in mind: achieving your 100 percent satisfaction. For that reason, the staff will go above and beyond to assist you in any way possible. One way the company will help is by providing you with a moving checklist.

For people who have experienced previous moves, there is a good chance that they received a moving checklist. Unfortunately, not thinking it was anything of real value, they tossed it out. If they had taken the time to use it, there is a good chance they would have had an easier and less stressful move. When you get ready to relocate and the agent at the company you hire hands you a moving checklist, it is to your advantage to incorporate it as part of your overall plan.

You will see different categories or actual rooms on the list and under each heading, which are specific tasks to perform. While some of the things may seem unimportant, remember that experts with years of experience and expertise in the moving industry created the list. For that reason, each category has a strategic purpose, whether for a residential or commercial move.

By following the tasks provided, you can accomplish more in less time while noticing a reduced stress level. Before you know it, you will have each room in your home or space at the office ready for the moving crew to load and transport. Even if you plan to use packing and unpacking services provided by the moving company, this checklist is invaluable.

What it comes down to is that a well-written moving checklist ensures that nothing gets overlooked. When preparing to relocate, you have hundreds of things on your mind, so getting distracted or forgetting something is a common occurrence. However, with this list, you mark off each item as it gets completed, thereby staying on task.

Although professional companies provide a comprehensive moving checklist, if you have unique items, you can always create an additional page yourself. At the same time, if a particular category does not apply, you can cross it out. Experts strongly recommend that people follow the list if they want the moving process to go smoothly.

What Full-Service Packages Do Professional Packers and Movers Provide?

For any move, whether small or large, people dread the process of getting Packers and Movers | Forty Fort, PA | Matheson Moving Companyeverything organized. Not only does the prep work require a lot of time, but often, boxes get packed incorrectly, leading to damage or broken items. If you have no time to dedicate to your move, professional packers and movers will step in to help.


Although you will have certain responsibilities, with a full-service package, expert packers and movers handle most things on your behalf. For instance, using high-quality pads, a team will visit your home and pad anything that requires extra protection. That means that expensive furniture, artwork, high-end appliances, televisions, computers, and other items have the protection needed to prevent unwanted scratches, dents, and dings.


Along with using high-quality boxes, professional packers and movers can crate items, if needed. For possessions vulnerable to damage during transit, the team will place them inside of a crate, which they then line with foam. That way, there is no void areas, preventing things like art collections, wine collections, and other collectibles from moving around while getting delivered to your new home.


As for packing, you can have a crew come into your home and pack up everything with precision. The crew will professionally pack all of your dishes, clothing, bathroom items, small kitchen appliances, and so on. These experts have experience in packing, meaning they use the appropriately sized boxes, quality bubble wrap or other packing material, and heavy-duty tape to ensure that your belongings make it to their destination unscathed.


Even if you have oversized pieces, expert packers and movers will handle them the correct way. For automobiles, RVs, jet skis, motorcycles, baby grand pianos, pool tables, and other big items, professionals follow strict guidelines to ensure optimal protection. A professional moving company has one goal in mind, making you a satisfied customer. Because of that, the team will go above and beyond to assist in any way possible.


Instead of stressing about all the things that you need to get done for your move, you can trust professional packers and movers. As experts, they understand your frustration and, therefore, provide stellar service to put your mind at ease. Everything that you own gets handled with care, and you get treated with the utmost respect throughout the entire moving process. While the pros do the majority of the work for your move, you can focus on other non-moving issues.

Identifying Professional Moving Companies?

Although there is a wealth of businesses that provide residential and commercial moving services, you may find it difficult to identify those deemed the best. The biggest problem is that they all claim to be professional moving companies. As the consumer, you need to understand what the term “professional” means, thereby making it easier to select the right company for your upcoming move. Professional Moving Companies | Forty Fort, PA | Matheson

Genuinely professional movers have experience and expertise in one or more areas. While some companies focus solely on local moves, others provide local, long-distance, and even international services. Either way, the type of company that you want to hire specializes in the area they claim to be proficient in. For verification, you can research customer feedback and online reviews.

The type of services offered is another consideration. If professional moving companies claim they offer the best residential services, then you expect for them to provide homeowners with superior services. However, if they state they are experts in commercial moves, then they should have proficiency specific to getting businesses moved.

The planning and organizing phase of your move is also important. Any moving company can boast professionalism, but its actions are what speak louder than words. That means that a company representative should pleasantly answer your call, respond to your questions with complete transparency, and follow up on the promises he or she makes. The same goes for the moving crew. You expect professional moving companies to send well-trained and dedicated employees who work efficiently and go above and beyond to ensure a seamless move to your home or business.

Professional companies also provide both standard and customized services. The reason is that these businesses know that every customer has unique wants and needs. Therefore, instead of providing cookie-cutter solutions, they offer individual services based on what the customer needs. Whether you need someone to help with organizing your move, packing and unpacking your goods, handling sensitive computer equipment, or other tasks, the company that you hire will perform duties to meet or exceed your expectations.

Not only do some people use the term “professional” loosely but also as a marketing and advertising catch phrase. Any company of interest should provide proof in the form of references, feedback, and actions. To identify professional moving companies, you want to hire the one that offers impeccable service from start to finish, guarantees an affordable rate, and stands behind everything that it does.

Storage Solutions and Tips for Fragile Items

When you need a storage unit for your personal belongings, whether short or long-term, it is essential that you choose the right storage facility. That way, you have a choice of different storage solutions based on the type and size of your possessions. It is also important to know the best methods for keeping your items protected.Fragile Item Storage Solutions | Matheson Transfer | Forty Fort

Especially when storing fragile items, not only is it important to consider the right storage solutions, but you should also know the appropriate way to protect them. Using the following tips provided, you will feel confident that your possessions are safe and secure.

  • Climate-Controlled Unit – A climate-controlled unit is one of the best storage solutions for fragile items. Unlike standard units with walls exposed to the outside, these units are inside of a building. Also, the temperature and humidity inside this type of unit are appropriately maintained, making it perfect for wooden furniture, CDs and DVDs, electronics, artwork, family heirlooms, and so on.
  • Wrapping Your Possessions – Even when renting a climate-controlled unit, you want to wrap your goods for added protection. As for the right type of material, this depends on your items.
  • China – For delicate china, wrap each piece in bubble wrap. However, for added protection, place pieces of old newspapers in between cups, plates, and bowls to prevent them from rubbing together.
  • Large Fragile Pieces – When storing large breakables such as mirrors, statues, artwork, and so on, take advantage of old blankets and comforters. Also, rather than lay these items down, always store them upright.
  • Furniture – Especially for furniture made of wood, pieces with hand woven upholstery, and expensive items, make sure that you cover them. Regardless of which storage solutions you consider, whether a climate-controlled or standard unit, covering your furniture with old but clean sheets or fabric drop cloths will protect them from dust and dirt. When wrapping furniture, be sure that you cover each piece completely. In fact, to prevent gaps, secure the material using strong tape.


Fabrics – Even certain fabrics such as silk, linen, and velvet, among others, are susceptible to damage while being stored. Therefore, take special precautions with delicate fabric. Along with wrapping the items using a particular kind of paper, store them inside of a protective box. When storing a wedding dress, evening gowns, or other high-end fabrics, you should seriously consider a climate-controlled unit. That way, you never have to worry about damage caused by mold or mildew or yellowing.

How to Identify the Best Long Distance Movers

Moving a mile from your current home is hard enough, but when you plan canstockphoto19222814to move to an entirely different city or state, new challenges emerge. Sure, you could get a bunch of your family members and friends to volunteer their time and vehicles, but in most cases, that only magnifies your responsibilities and stress. When moving 100 miles or more away, your best bet is to consider several long distance movers so that you can select the one company that you feel most confident in.

For a positive moving experience, long distance movers are worth it. However, to make sure that you hire the right company, consider the following.


Cost of the Move

The initial cost of a move is one of the biggest driving forces behind hiring a professional moving company. Although you will spend more than you would by using family members or friends, you also get a lot that people you know cannot offer. The movers will also help you with planning and organizing.

In addition to available packing and unpacking services, professional long distance movers are properly licensed and insured. Not only does this prevent you from being liable in the event someone’s vehicle gets damaged, but it also protects your belongings. With replacement value insurance, anything of yours that gets lost, damaged, or destroyed gets covered at the replacement price.



When it comes to researching several long distance movers, experience is essential. Obviously, you want your belongings handled with care so that ultimately, they are delivered on time and without any damage. With experience, a moving company knows the right and wrong way to perform different tasks, thereby giving you peace of mind.



Before you lock into a contract with just any moving company, you want to spend time looking at provided references. However, in addition to the referrals provided by the movers, you should conduct online research to try to find forums where others may have posted comments. You can also review Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and other online sites to see what kind of recommendations the companies of interest have.


Hiring the Best

You want to consider long distance movers dedicated to each customer. These companies should provide a host of add-on services, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support. All moving companies are different to some degree, so it is up to you to choose the right one.

Commercial Moving Companies That Move Sensitive Equipment

As you can imagine, moving medical equipment requires unique experience, expertise, and equipment. If you have a medical or dental facility or a medical laboratory and plan on moving to a new location, it is important that you research the top commercial moving companies that are qualified for this type of job. As experts, you can expect certain things.

Commercial Moving Companies | Forty Fort | Matheson Transfer Moving


You already know that medical equipment is highly sensitive to the environment, not to mention expensive. Instead of trying to move it on your own, which could lead to a disaster, you want to trust one of the top commercial moving companies to do it for you. Not only will the right company transport your medical equipment from one location to another, it will also help plan your move and package each item correctly to prevent damage.


  • Good Planning – As mentioned, before a company will even attempt to move your medical equipment, a team of experts will devise a plan. After assessing the type of equipment that you have as well as its level of sensitivity to various elements, the company will determine the type of equipment, supplies, and truck needed for the job.


  • Pricing – Moving medical equipment is more costly than standard household or office items, and for that reason, you will pay a higher price. However, it is worth it to ensure your equipment arrives unscathed. For pricing, you can expect the best commercial moving companies to start by determining the volume of equipment. They will also consider odd-shaped or oversized items, required manpower, the number of truckloads, and distance. Based on these criteria, you are then provided with an estimate. If you agree on the price, you and the company can execute a formal contract.


  • Refrigeration – For any medical equipment that demands cooling, the best companies have the appropriate trucks. Whether moving robotic equipment, electron microscopes, and even -80-degree freezers that may or may not have specimens inside, you need to hire a company that can get the job done right.


  • Insurance Protection – Commercial moving companies that handle medical equipment usually have excellent insurance coverage. However, due to the cost of your items, you need to be 100 percent sure that you have the kind and level of protection needed. You may need to consider a secondary policy through your own insurance company.


  • Proper Licensing – Proper licensing is imperative. When researching different commercial moving companies to handle your medical equipment, ask for proof. The last thing you want to happen is for something to go wrong only for you to discover that the company was not properly licensed.