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Moving with Pets? Tips from Top Moving and Storage Companies

Matheson Transfer, Among Top Moving and Storage Companies

Whether you’re getting ready to move your household across town or across the country, there are always special considerations to make if you’re moving with a pet. Moving and storage companies don’t offer any services for transporting a pet, so you’ll need to make your plans independently but along the same timeline as your move. Matheson’s expert teams of movers have put together these helpful tips for making your pet safe and comfortable during a move. Moving and Storage Companies, Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA
Decide how your pet will travel. Depending on how far you’re moving, you might be able to transport your pet yourself in your car; or you might need to make flight arrangements. Bear in mind that if your pet needs to fly, you may need to make those arrangements several weeks in advance to allow time for extra paperwork processing or additional considerations.
Gather your pet’s paperwork. No matter how your pet will be traveling, there might be additional documentation needs for the airlines, like providing proof of ownership or proof of immunization. If you are moving into a rental unit, you may need to provide that documentation to your landlord as well. Some counties, cities, or townships also enforce breed restrictions for some pets, so you may need to register your pet with your new place of residence.
Talk with your vet. Your vet is your best resource for health considerations for your pet during travel. Depending on the length of travel, your vet might make recommendations around the feeding schedule you should follow, anxiety assistance, and more.
Get your pet used to travel. Start small: help your pet feel comfortable in their carrier. A portable kennel or carrier can be made more comfortable with a favorite blanket, or a stress-free pheromone spray. Then you can try getting them comfortable in a car with short trips.
Have a travel kit on hand. No matter how you’ll be traveling, keep essentials packed with your pet. Food and treats, a water bowl, any needed medication, and other items should be packed within easy reach throughout travel. The best moving and storage companies also recommend that you keep a travel kit for yourself on hand, including a change of clothes and your own essential medications or toiletries.
If you’re getting ready for your next move, call the moving and storage companies families trust with their residential relocations. Matheson is here to help you with all of your moving logistics; call today to get started with your free quote.

The moving & storage experts at Matheson Transfer offer these tips of moving safety and how to avoid injuries

When you hire a moving & storage company to handle your move, safety is the most critical part of the move. Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or hire professional movers, safety should always be your number one concern as hard as it might be to believe, more back and neck injuries occur doing “easy” things like packing than lifting heavy boxes. To help you stay safe during every step of your move, we offer these valuable tips. Moving & Storage experts at Matheson Transfer of Forty Fort, PA

Personal Safety for Everyone

  • The kids – you need to keep them out of the way. Most moving & storage companies will ask you to remove the kids and pets from your home while they are working. Maybe take them to a family member’s home, hire a babysitter, and put your pet in an empty room. Having kids or pets running around the house can lead to one of the moving company’s employees being injured.
  • DIY Packing – If you are doing your own packing, keep a limit on the amount of time you spend bending over the boxes, get help with the heavy boxes, and always use proper lifting techniques.
  • A Clear Path – It is vital that you leave at least one clear walkway from the back of your house to the front. This will help reduce the risk of someone tripping on something and falling.
  • Know Your Limits – Be smart, if you know you can’t lift something, don’t try. Get help, take something out of the box to lighten it to the point where you can lift

Safety for the Employees of the Moving Company

Some ways moving companies keep injuries to a minimum:

  • Training – the best moving & storage companies provide their employees with continuing education covering the latest in safety techniques and technology to reduce injuries.
  • Equipment – top moving companies have specialized equipment like power lifts, special two-wheel dollies, and two-person lifting harnesses, all of which help keep injuries to a minimum.
  • Safety Clothing – this includes steel-toed boots, back braces if needed, gloves, and more.

For more information on moving safety, contact Matheson Transfer at (570) 234-3037 your local and long distance moving & storage specialists, we’re always happy to do everything we can to help make your move a success.

Making the Most of a Housewarming Gift - Ideas from Moving Companies in your Community

Among top Moving Companies in Forty Fort, PA

If you know someone who has recently moved, chances are you’ll soon be invited to a housewarming party! The moving companies in your town know that a housewarming can be a great opportunity to gather friends, family, and new acquaintances, and make a new house feel like a home. Moving Companies in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

You can think of housewarming gifts in two ways: one, something useful that will help them acclimate to their new home, or two, something that will make their home look, feel, smell, or taste more pleasant. Depending on the time of year, the moving companies in your town might recommend something that can be enjoyed seasonally, like a backyard game set for someone who just moved into a new house.

Useful items that make great housewarming presents include:

Olive oil or vinegar sets. Kitchen condiment sets of oils, vinegars, jellies or jams, and other commonly used ingredients make a nice gift especially for someone just starting to use a new kitchen. Help them spice up their ingredient shelf with top-shelf or herbal-infused items.

Tea and coffee sets. Especially for someone who has just moved in, being able to find a mug for a hot beverage can be a challenge! Gifting someone a tea or coffee set shows that you know their tastes, and they might even use it at the housewarming party itself.

Cutting boards, measuring cups, and other kitchen utensils. Everyone appreciates receiving a nicer, newer version of something they use frequently!

Gifts that can help someone just feel more at home can include:

Scented candles. Don’t overlook the obvious appeal of the candle—the light, the scent, and the ambiance are why candles are always popular.

Flowers or a house plant. Bringing living greenery into a space makes it feel brighter, and can sometimes even help purify the air. Gifting flowers or a house plant can immediately spruce up a housewarming party.

A family sign. You can custom order a painted, engraved, or carved sign with a family’s last name relatively cheaply using local vendors, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace. Décor items make great housewarming presents because they can continue to be loved in your friend’s home for years.

Remember that housewarming parties are also meant to celebrate the end of a tough accomplishment. Moving is hard on most people, and the moving companies in your community have helped families of all shapes and sizes transition into a new home. For help with your next residential move, contact Matheson today.

Moving Companies Local to San Diego Like Matheson Transfer Offer These Green Moving Tips

For many moving companies local and long distance, like Matheson Transfer, offer green moving tips to help you achieve a more eco-friendly move. moving companies local, Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

In recent years there has been a significant move towards making choices that are eco-friendlier. If you are among those making these choices and have an upcoming move, you may not realize that some moving companies local to you such as Matheson, will work with you to help you achieve your goals. The experts here at Matheson Moving & Transfer have put together these helpful tips.

1. Use Repurposed Boxes

While it might be great to use all brand-new boxes to pack your household, it’s really not necessary. You can find perfectly usable boxes at your local grocery stores, liquor stores, and some retailers for free. You may also find that moving companies in local areas pack with used boxes that are recycled until they are no longer usable. Be sure you recycle yours when you are done with them.

2. Plastic Totes

If you prefer to use plastic totes for some of your items, look for those made using recycled plastic. They are relatively easy to find in many retail stores. Some of the best moving companies offer them along with the rest of their many services.

3. Eco-Friendly Supplies

Skip the bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts, and Styrofoam. A much better choice would be to use recycled paper. It offers the same level of protection but does no harm to the planet, and it can be recycled again.

4. Your Home is Full of Packing Materials

Another alternative to buying packing materials is to use items you already have at home. You can use sheets, t-shirts, blankets, towels, sweatshirts, throw blankets, pillows, even old newspapers to protect your belongings.

5. Give Your House a De-Clutter

Before the first box is packed, you need to go through your home and de-clutter. If an item doesn’t work, fit, or isn’t being used anymore, consider donating it to Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul’s or any other charity in your area or give it to a family member or friend. Recycle those items that can be and dispose of the rest. The less the moving companies local to you have to transport, the more money you will save.

You can carry on your eco-friendly practices by paying your bills online, canceling paper billing, recycling, buying energy efficient appliances, composting, and so much more. For more tips on making eco-friendly moves or to schedule your appointment for a free estimate, contact Matheson Transfer at (570) 234-3037 and let’s get started today!

Safety Tips for Moving While Pregnant Tips from Matheson, the Preferred Family Mover

A Top Mover in Forty Fort, PA

Pregnancy often results in numerous physical changes. If you’re moving while you’re pregnant, first of all, congratulations! And secondly, let Matheson help you take good care of yourself and your family as you make your next move. Mover - Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA

Moving can be a physically stressful project, even if you’re hiring a mover to help. Matheson offers comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and unpacking services. The best way to reduce stress on your body during a move is to get help from the professionals, who can not only do the labor for you but will also get it done quickly and smoothly. Removing the stress of your packing and moving logistics can also help you feel more healthy during your move.

Letting your mover handle packing, planning, moving, and unpacking also leaves you more time to focus on what you’ll need to accomplish before your due date! One easy way to make your move easier while you’re expecting is to not accumulate baby items until after your move. Bulky items or furniture items especially (like rocking chairs, cribs, changing tables, etc.) can then be brought into your new home rather than you having to move them.

Maintaining organization during your move will also be key to making your move less stressful, both physically and emotionally. Start by making a checklist of all the logistics you need to take care of: finding a new grocery store, dry cleaner or pharmacy should be on your list, as well as making sure you have access to the right medical care and hospital facilities. Don’t forget about turning off utilities at your former home and turning them on at your new home, and providing the US Postal Service with your forwarding address.

You can also draw up a floorplan for your new home. This will help you stay organized, and also can help your mover know what you need on the day of your move. Make a plan for each space in your new home, and decide which furniture, boxes, and other items should go in each. Your mover can help you label items appropriately so that all of your possessions can be immediately placed in the right room as you move in.

Taking care of yourself physically is of the utmost importance for anyone who is moving while pregnant. Plan to accomplish tasks at intervals throughout the day, like packing for a half hour a few times throughout the day. You should also plan time to take breaks, drink water, and rest.

When you partner with Matheson, you get a moving partner who will step in for any tasks you need assistance with. From packing to moving to storage units and packing materials, Matheson is here to help make your move smooth and stress-free.

Get started today by calling Matheson for your free quote.

Packing Your Kitchen Safely - House Moving Tips from the Experts at Matheson

The expert packers and movers at Matheson have made moves of all shapes and sizes, and have seen all the different ways that items can be damaged. House moving can be a great adventure, but you’ll want to make sure that everything in your household can make the journey safely! House Moving - Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA

The best tip to keep all of your household items secure during moving is to let the experts do your packing. Matheson offers full-service packing, moving, and storage help for your house moving needs. Our teams will use top quality packing materials, as well as the right strategies to pack items to keep them safe during transit. We pack our boxes and our trucks with the strategies that will keep your possessions in the best shape possible.

The items in your kitchen can be especially prone to damage during moving. Your kitchen likely has glass items, ceramic or porcelain items, as well as sharp and heavy items. The way that you pack your kitchen, including what goes in each box and how you pack it, can have a big impact on the safety of each item during your move. For the best house moving experience, follow these tips from Matheson to make sure your kitchen items get to your new home safe and secure.

Use the right materials. Having adequate cushioning for kitchen items is very important. For other items in your household, newspaper might be fine, but it won’t work for your kitchen. The ink can rub off, and it won’t provide adequate protection for fragile items. Ideally, you’ll want to have plenty of air-filled packaging supplies like bubble wrap and air packets, as well as heavy duty packing paper.

Take care of your small appliances. Small appliances can be dinged, scratched, and damaged during house moving when not packed appropriately. Toasters, hand mixers, griddles, blenders, and other small appliances are best packed in their original boxes, or in boxes of a similar size. Remove any loose parts, and wind up the electric cord and tape it in place. If the appliance comes apart, then dismantle it and place the heavier parts in the bottom of the box with the lighter parts on top.

Wrap your dishes right. A few layers of packing paper can be used between plates, platters, and bowls that are of a similar shape. You should cushion each box that contains dishes with bubble wrap on the sides, top, and bottom. Bunch up packing paper into any void spaces left in the box. Again, put heavier items (platters, ceramic, etc.) on the bottom of the boxes, with lighter items (cups, porcelain, etc.) on top.

For more house moving help, contact the experts at Matheson to learn more about our packing, moving, and storage services. Get started today by requesting your free quote.

Tips from Local Movers to Make Moving During the Holidays Less Stressful

Everyone knows the holidays are the busiest time of the year; there is shopping to do, cards to write, and so much more. Add in moving, and things are likely to get a little bit crazy around your house. Whether your military PCS date has arrived, or your company wants you in your new location at the first of the year, it can and often does happen. When it does, you need to find the best movers available to ensure your move goes smoothly allowing you to spend as time as possible enjoying time with your family. movers, Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA

Plan Ahead

The holidays are typically filled with a number of events like parties, dinners, family events, and more. The sooner you contact the movers, the more likely they are to have availability around your schedule. Be aware you may have to miss out on certain events, but the sooner you book your move, the easier it will be to get the dates you want. Be sure you allow at least two days for the move (more would be better).

Book Early

While the holidays are typically a slow time of year in the moving industry (no one likes to move in the middle of winter), this doesn’t necessarily mean they have open availability. The earlier you make contact with them to book your moving dates, the more likely they are to have a team available on that date.

Keep the Holidays Alive

Just because you have to move during the holidays doesn’t mean you and your family can’t still make the most of them. You just have to be creative and make sure you keep the holiday spirit alive. For example, you could have kids decorate the boxes with holiday drawings. Be sure you join in and do your share of decorating. If you can’t cook the holiday meal, many grocery stores and restaurants offer complete ready to eat takeout meals. Depending on where you live, you may even find some restaurants are open on Christmas Day, serving amazing meals.

If you are planning to move over the holidays and are looking for movers, you can trust to get the job done right, contact Matheson Transfer at (570) 234-3037 and let us help make your holiday move a cheerful one.

Storage Solutions for Seasonal Items from Top Moving Companies

No matter what holiday your family celebrates, it’s always more festive with décor and other holiday items. From external decorations to items used for the celebration itself, you might be challenged by finding storage solutions for seasonal items during the year. Top moving companies like Matheson know that these small touches can make a holiday feel brighter and warmer, but when not in use, they can take up a lot of space! We’ve compiled our best storage suggestions to help you make sense of your in-home storage spaces. top moving companies
Space for storage
Take an inventory of the space available to you that can comfortably be used as long-term storage for items throughout the year. You might have a basement or attic, a garage or shed, or a spare room or closet designated as home storage space. Whatever spaces are in use, think through how you use them now, and what would be more efficient in the future. If there are items you access more than once a month that are in the attic, but items you use once a year are in the bottom of your linen closet, it might be time to rearrange a few things. The best tip from top moving companies for effective use of storage space is to have a plan about how you will use each space in your home.
Outside storage spaces
Top moving companies like Matheson have seen items weathered or damaged when stored in garages, garden sheds, an apartment complex storage facility, or other external storage sites. As you take an inventory of spaces in your home, think through the spaces that are outside your home too—and also make a plan for how you’ll keep your possessions safe there. Plastic tubs are generally watertight, if you suspect that rain can enter your outside storage space. You may also be able to use storage racks, or hang items on the walls, which can help protect your items in the event that the space floods.
Residential storage spaces
If you’ve decided that you’d like to use your linen closet for linens instead of unused décor items, and your guest bedroom for guests instead of winter holiday decorations, it might be time to look into a residential storage facility. Top moving companies like Matheson offer storage services as part of their comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and logistical services, and can offer great prices on a variety of sizes of storage space. Our storage facility is also temperature and climate-controlled, meaning you can be sure that your items are safe from the elements and in our secure facility.
Making storage space useful
Don’t forget that some seasonal items aren’t just décor. Summer activity items, sports items, academic supplies, and more each have their usefulness during the year, as well as several months when you aren’t likely to need them. Whether your family goes snowshoeing or snorkeling, hobby and activity equipment can take up a lot of space in your home; and every time you bump into it or shove it into a densely packed space, you’re more likely to damage those items. Make the most of your storage space by purging your in-home spaces from items you don’t use at least once a month.

Tips for Moving into a Smaller Space from the Local moving and Storage Experts at Matheson Transfer

Whether you’re downsizing, living alone for the first time, moving to a more urban location, or making another change in lifestyle, moving into a smaller space doesn’t have to be stressful or challenging. You can look at this as a chance to refresh your home furnishings and try different kinds of organizational techniques. With these helpful tips for your local moving and storage teams at Matheson, you’ll be sure to create a home that feels like you in a space of any size. local moving and storage Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

Step one: decide what should come with you to your new home. Moving is always a good occasion to declutter or donate items you haven’t used recently. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it or used it in the past year, you can definitely get rid of it! Particularly with downsizing, you’ll want to think through what you want your new home to feel like, and then let go of any items that don’t match that vision.

Step two: Donate, sell, or dispose. You can take this opportunity to donate or sell pieces of furniture, exercise equipment, old electronics, and other items that may no longer be in regular use but can still find a good home. Old clothing and kitchen items that are still in good shape can be donated to local shelters or charities and put to use by someone else.

Step three: Organize, and pack. Packing when you are downsizing is another opportunity to take stock of what is coming with you to your new home. If you find yourself overwhelmed by boxes in a particular room or area of your home, you’ll know that you could donate or sell additional items there.

Step four: When you move in to your new space, get creative! There are many ways to organize small spaces. Consider organizational units under your bathroom and kitchen sinks, or organizers that hang on the backs of doors for your closet. Local moving and storage experts at Matheson also recommend moving your furniture into place first, then installing shelves, so that you’ll already have homes for items as you unpack.

Downsizing can be a great move for your finances, as a smaller space might cost less, and your utility bills might also be less. There are many reasons to look at downsizing as an opportunity to refresh your lifestyle, and local moving and storage teams at Matheson are standing by ready to help with any logistical concerns that arise.

We offer comprehensive packing and moving services and can help you get into your new space in a stress-free and simple move. We also offer short- or long-term storage solutions, so that anything you can’t take with you can have a safe and climate-controlled home with Matheson.

To learn more about how Matheson can make your next move your best move yet, contact us today for your free quote.

Color Coding Boxes for a Move: Stay Organized to Keep the Moving and Storage Process Easy

If you’re looking for moving and storage companies, you already know what you want—a company that’s cost-effective, offers all the services you need and keeps its customers happy. It can be hard to tell based off of a website or marketing brochure if a company will meet each of those needs, so it helps to look at the details of how they operate.

Moving and Storage, Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA
For instance, as a premier moving and storage company, Matheson uses a color-coded system of organization when packing and moving our clients. Methods like this might look like a gimmick from the outside, but it’s through our dedication to customer satisfaction, and making every move as fast and easy as possible, that we decided to use this system.


So how does it work? First, each room is assigned a color—for instance, the kitchen is blue, the dining room is red, the master bedroom is blue, etc. Then, as our team works to carefully pack each item, the boxes will be labeled both with the color and with a number. Numbering the boxes helps our team track how many boxes total belong to that room, so that nothing can go missing.


Once our team arrives at your new home, they’ll unload the truck based on this color-coding system. This ensures that all boxes wind up in their right space, instead of being dumped into one common area. The team will also recount the boxes to be sure everything is correct. This system allows us to verify that all of your possessions wind up in your new space safely and also in an organized way.


Other moving and storage companies don’t care what happens when your items are in your new space—they think their job is done. At Matheson, we know our job isn’t done until you’re completely comfortable in your new space. That’s why our color-coded system makes unpacking easier, too. No more moving boxes or items from room to room, trying to figure out where they belong. By color and number, we know exactly where each item belongs. As we help you unpack, your new home will feel like it’s truly yours.


For help making your next move painless and stress-free, contact the moving and storage experts at Matheson. We’ll work with you to build a custom plan that accounts for your budget and your timeline, so you’ll know you’re receiving customized service just for you.