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Expert Moving Service: How to Throw a House Party Warming Party Without Breaking the Bank

Forty Fort, PA Expert Moving Service Offers These Tips

So, now that you’ve survived moving day and you’re all settle in, you may have started thinking about welcoming your friends to your new home. Throwing a housewarming party is not only a great way to show off your lovely new house, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get to know the neighbors in your new community. Fill your home with happiness, warmth, and good cheer – without breaking the bank – with the following 3 tips from our expert moving service professionals at Matheson Transfer.

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#1 – Send a detailed invite.

Create clearly detailed invitations to your guests. Aside from mentioning the date and time, also add that it will be a housewarming party. Traditionally, guests bring a gift for the new homeowners. If you don’t mention it’s a housewarming get together, your visitors may feel bad about not bringing anything for you. Also, if you’ve decided to have a potluck, don’t forget to mention in in the invite. Whatever the case may be, do make sure all the details of the social engagement are clear.

#2 – Invite your new neighbors.

Start building close relationships with your new neighbors right away by inviting them to your party. If you’re not sure about your neighbor’s names, then simply mail the invite with the address only. Also, you can personally hand deliver the invitations yourself if you’re comfortable doing so.

#3 – Serve a generous spread.

Even if you’ve set your plans on a potluck party, assuming each group of people invited will bring their own contribution to the meal, make sure to provide a basic amount of food. As the host, your job in the end is to make sure everyone has more than enough to eat, even though it’s your housewarming party.

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