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Get Your Deposit Back! Move Out Tips from Matheson Transfer Moving Services and Storage Container Rental

Moving and storage container rental company Matheson Transfer offers advice on how to recoup that maximum amount of your housing deposit

Unfortunately, landlords can be kind of sneaky. You may think you left your old place in tip top shape, but they may find some obscure thing to charge you for. When moving out of a new place, you need to be absolutely sure you take care of every problem, lest you lose a good chunk of your security deposit. Moving and storage container rental company Matheson Transfer is here to give some advice on the perfect move out checklist.

Know your lease backward and forward

Landlords will often try to get you with unclear or obscure language in lease agreements. Ideally, you should thoroughly read and understand the lease before you sign it and move in. Make sure you understand all the finer points about the lease agreement: what you as a tenant are responsible for and what the landlord is responsible for. That way you can be sure if your landlord is trying to charge you bogus fees.

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Keep ahold of your move-in assessment

Most of the time when you rent a place, leasing companies will have you fill out a move-in assessment that notifies them of any pre-existing problems or damages to the property. Make sure you keep a copy of the assessment until you move out. That way you have proof of any pre-existing problems and so cannot be charged for them.

Clean as thoroughly as possible

You also need to do an extremely thorough job cleaning. We don’t just mean take out the trash and sweep/mop the floors, we mean a thorough scrub down of every surface: walls, baseboards, stove, ceiling, etc. The cleaner and better shape the apartment is in the less likely you are to be charged any cleaning fees.

Keep a copy of the final inspection

Moving and storage container rental company Matheson Transfer recommends asking for a copy of your final move-out inspection. That way you have physical documents in the case of any discrepancies your landlord may raise.

If you are looking for moving services or storage container rentals, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037. We are a leader among movers in PA and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.