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Moving Companies Local to San Diego Like Matheson Transfer Offer These Green Moving Tips

For many moving companies local and long distance, like Matheson Transfer, offer green moving tips to help you achieve a more eco-friendly move. moving companies local, Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

In recent years there has been a significant move towards making choices that are eco-friendlier. If you are among those making these choices and have an upcoming move, you may not realize that some moving companies local to you such as Matheson, will work with you to help you achieve your goals. The experts here at Matheson Moving & Transfer have put together these helpful tips.

1. Use Repurposed Boxes

While it might be great to use all brand-new boxes to pack your household, it’s really not necessary. You can find perfectly usable boxes at your local grocery stores, liquor stores, and some retailers for free. You may also find that moving companies in local areas pack with used boxes that are recycled until they are no longer usable. Be sure you recycle yours when you are done with them.

2. Plastic Totes

If you prefer to use plastic totes for some of your items, look for those made using recycled plastic. They are relatively easy to find in many retail stores. Some of the best moving companies offer them along with the rest of their many services.

3. Eco-Friendly Supplies

Skip the bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts, and Styrofoam. A much better choice would be to use recycled paper. It offers the same level of protection but does no harm to the planet, and it can be recycled again.

4. Your Home is Full of Packing Materials

Another alternative to buying packing materials is to use items you already have at home. You can use sheets, t-shirts, blankets, towels, sweatshirts, throw blankets, pillows, even old newspapers to protect your belongings.

5. Give Your House a De-Clutter

Before the first box is packed, you need to go through your home and de-clutter. If an item doesn’t work, fit, or isn’t being used anymore, consider donating it to Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul’s or any other charity in your area or give it to a family member or friend. Recycle those items that can be and dispose of the rest. The less the moving companies local to you have to transport, the more money you will save.

You can carry on your eco-friendly practices by paying your bills online, canceling paper billing, recycling, buying energy efficient appliances, composting, and so much more. For more tips on making eco-friendly moves or to schedule your appointment for a free estimate, contact Matheson Transfer at (570) 234-3037 and let’s get started today!