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Helpful Moving Services: How to Move your Garden and House Plants

Moving Services in Forty Fort, PA

If you’re planning your upcoming move, then chances are you’ve forgotten about packing one very important part of your home – your garden and house plants. But how in the world could you possibly relocate them without ruining them completely? That’s a very good question – and one of our moving specialists at Matheson Transfer will answer right now with the following helpful suggestions. And, of course, we also offer a wide range of essential moving services to make your big day stress-free!

Moving Services in Forty Fort, PA _ Matheson Transfer Moving

The risk of moving plants

Truthfully, when it comes to garden plants, they simply don’t like big changes. Abrupt changes in moisture, soil density, and sunlight often have negative effects on your outdoor greenery. Please, prepare yourself for some casualties. Another consideration is the climate. Will your plants be exposed to the same conditions in your new home? If not, then you may want to try having them inside, as indoor plants.

Tips for uprooting your garden

Generally, the best way to transport your garden plants is to give them plenty of water, letting it seep into their roots for a while, then shortly before the move, use a trowel to remove them from the soil one at a time. Each one should be placed in their own individual planter for the trip. Secure a few planters together to avoid tipping, before placing them in a crate or on a pallet. Our moving services will ensure your plants are secured properly.

Moving house plants

Normally, house plants are easier to relocate than outdoor plants. However, similarly, you’ll want to think about the conditions you’re moving them to, with regards to temperature, humidity, and lighting. Ideally, of course, they should have the same indoor environment to thrive. Again, indoor houseplants should be secured together in small groups and placed on a pallet or in a crate for shipping.

Plant transit during warm weather

Usually, most people tend to relocate during the summer months, which can place great strain on plants because of the heat. Upon arrival at your new house, soak the ground outside well to prepare the soil before attempting to replant your outdoor garden. The same goes for houseplants, as they should get a good amount of water once they’re set-up.

Professional Moving Services

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