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Making the Most of a Housewarming Gift - Ideas from Moving Companies in your Community

Among top Moving Companies in Forty Fort, PA

If you know someone who has recently moved, chances are you’ll soon be invited to a housewarming party! The moving companies in your town know that a housewarming can be a great opportunity to gather friends, family, and new acquaintances, and make a new house feel like a home. Moving Companies in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

You can think of housewarming gifts in two ways: one, something useful that will help them acclimate to their new home, or two, something that will make their home look, feel, smell, or taste more pleasant. Depending on the time of year, the moving companies in your town might recommend something that can be enjoyed seasonally, like a backyard game set for someone who just moved into a new house.

Useful items that make great housewarming presents include:

Olive oil or vinegar sets. Kitchen condiment sets of oils, vinegars, jellies or jams, and other commonly used ingredients make a nice gift especially for someone just starting to use a new kitchen. Help them spice up their ingredient shelf with top-shelf or herbal-infused items.

Tea and coffee sets. Especially for someone who has just moved in, being able to find a mug for a hot beverage can be a challenge! Gifting someone a tea or coffee set shows that you know their tastes, and they might even use it at the housewarming party itself.

Cutting boards, measuring cups, and other kitchen utensils. Everyone appreciates receiving a nicer, newer version of something they use frequently!

Gifts that can help someone just feel more at home can include:

Scented candles. Don’t overlook the obvious appeal of the candle—the light, the scent, and the ambiance are why candles are always popular.

Flowers or a house plant. Bringing living greenery into a space makes it feel brighter, and can sometimes even help purify the air. Gifting flowers or a house plant can immediately spruce up a housewarming party.

A family sign. You can custom order a painted, engraved, or carved sign with a family’s last name relatively cheaply using local vendors, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace. Décor items make great housewarming presents because they can continue to be loved in your friend’s home for years.

Remember that housewarming parties are also meant to celebrate the end of a tough accomplishment. Moving is hard on most people, and the moving companies in your community have helped families of all shapes and sizes transition into a new home. For help with your next residential move, contact Matheson today.