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Tips from Local Movers to Make Moving During the Holidays Less Stressful

Everyone knows the holidays are the busiest time of the year; there is shopping to do, cards to write, and so much more. Add in moving, and things are likely to get a little bit crazy around your house. Whether your military PCS date has arrived, or your company wants you in your new location at the first of the year, it can and often does happen. When it does, you need to find the best movers available to ensure your move goes smoothly allowing you to spend as time as possible enjoying time with your family. movers, Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA

Plan Ahead

The holidays are typically filled with a number of events like parties, dinners, family events, and more. The sooner you contact the movers, the more likely they are to have availability around your schedule. Be aware you may have to miss out on certain events, but the sooner you book your move, the easier it will be to get the dates you want. Be sure you allow at least two days for the move (more would be better).

Book Early

While the holidays are typically a slow time of year in the moving industry (no one likes to move in the middle of winter), this doesn’t necessarily mean they have open availability. The earlier you make contact with them to book your moving dates, the more likely they are to have a team available on that date.

Keep the Holidays Alive

Just because you have to move during the holidays doesn’t mean you and your family can’t still make the most of them. You just have to be creative and make sure you keep the holiday spirit alive. For example, you could have kids decorate the boxes with holiday drawings. Be sure you join in and do your share of decorating. If you can’t cook the holiday meal, many grocery stores and restaurants offer complete ready to eat takeout meals. Depending on where you live, you may even find some restaurants are open on Christmas Day, serving amazing meals.

If you are planning to move over the holidays and are looking for movers, you can trust to get the job done right, contact Matheson Transfer at (570) 234-3037 and let us help make your holiday move a cheerful one.