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Moving Back to College: Moving Supplies, Tips, and More!

Figure out what moving supplies and advice you need to make the move back to college as simple as possible

Summer is almost over which means many college students staying at home over the summer will find themselves moving back to their schools. For many returning college students, this will be the first time they have their own apartment. Having your own place is great but is a whole different ball game. From finding a new place, buying moving supplies, and actually moving your things, move-in day can be very stressful for college students. So here are some tips from Matheson on how to make moving back to college as stress-free as possible. Moving Supplies in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

Save Money

Odds are you have been working a summer job while living back at home. Now is the time to save as much money as possible, when bills are light. College students normally have too much coursework to hold down a fulltime job, so money during the semester may be tight. That is why you should take the summer to save up as much money as possible so you have plenty of change to put towards the move.

Reuse and repurpose

As a poor college student, odds are you won’t have a lot of money to burn on new amenities. That is why you should take great pains to reuse and repurpose any old things and moving supplies you have that have outlived their original usefulness. For example, got some old moving boxes around? Repurpose those into stylish storage crate using some felt and paint. Being handy with old items is a great way to save money during the move.

Essentials only

Sure, you may want to take your entire Pokemon card collection with you back to college, but ask yourself, do you really need to? As a college student you are already strapped for time, money, and space, so you shouldn’t waste resources taking things that are not essential. Start with the necessities, like kitchen supplies, clothing, bedding, and toiletries and limit yourself to only those things you cannot do without.

If you are planning a big move back to college, give Matheson a call at 570-234-3037. Our full-service professional moving team will work with you at every step of the process, from getting initial moving supplies to final unpacking.