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Moving During the Summer: Beat the Heat with These Tips From PA Moving Companies

Schedule your summer move with these tips from professional moving companies

The summer months are upon us and that means it is moving season. It is estimated that over 80% of moves in the US take place during April through September, with the majority of these occurring in the height of the summer months June and July. While enlisting the services of moving companies like Matheson is always a good idea, moving during the summer months provides its own set of challenges. Read on to hear some good tips from professional PA moving companies about how to best move during the hot summer months.

Schedule the move early

Moving Companies in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer Moving

If you are moving during the summer, the optimal time of day to schedule the move is as early in the day as possible. Scheduling a move early in the day lets you get the hardest work done at the coolest point of the day. Starting a move at noon on a hot summer day is no fun for anyone, so the earlier you schedule things the better for everyone involved.

Try to move on a random weekday

In general, weekends are the busiest moving times and moving companies often charge higher prices during peak hours. You can save the most on moving costs by scheduling your move on a random weekday such as Monday or Tuesday. In addition to the lower price, most people will be at work during the day and you won’t have to deal with as much traffic as you would during the night or on the weekend.

Stay hydrated

As with any strenuous activity, you need to keep yourself properly hydrated while moving during the hot summer months. Anyone who has moved heavy furniture knows it is even worse under a hot sun, so make sure you drink plenty of water and eat enough food.

Take frequent breaks

Along with staying hydrated, give yourself time to take frequent breaks. Heat exhaustion is a very real risk when moving during the summer so don’t be afraid to schedule specific break times where you relax and recharge.

If you are thinking about planning a big summer move, give Matheson a call at 570-234-3037. Our full-service team of movers will work with you to figure out a unique moving plan that best meets your needs.