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Moving help: Tips for Moving Fitness Equipment

Are you seeking some moving help tips and ideas for transporting your fitness equipment? We’ve got you covered

If you live an active lifestyle and happen to own a treadmill, dumbells, resistance bands, or any other kind of fitness equipment, you may not know what to do with it during a move. Provided you plan on taking these items to ensure you’ll have a fitness routine established right off the bat wherever you’re settling down, here are some moving help ideas you can use to make sure you’ve packed your fitness equipment efficiently. Moving Help | Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA

Tip #1: Don’t Overload the Boxes

If you have relatively heavy stuff, but not too much of it (smaller dumbells, resistance bands, yoga mats or ankle weights), make sure you’re not putting these into too big of a box. If you have quite a few of them, separate these into a couple of small boxes.

Putting several heavy items in a smaller box can be just as taxing as putting medium-weighted objects in a large, bulky box. Also, if you have particularly heavy dumbells and bars, don’t put these in boxes at all.

Tip #2: Bubble Wrap Away

If you have larger equipment that makes no sense going in a box, but it probably shouldn’t be off all on its own, try bubble wrapping it. This will protect it from bumps, scrapes, and jostles that may occur during the move. You can also mark bubble-wrapped fitness equipment with a certain color of tape so you don’t have to write with permanent marker on everything (this is a big moving help in general).

Tip #3: Flatten the Treadmill

If you have your very own treadmill, these are flattenable. If the one you purchased didn’t come with instructions, or if you threw them away after you hopped on your brand-new machine for the first in-home run, don’t worry. You can usually find the instructions for your specific treadmill online or somewhere on a sticker on the machine.

Note: treadmills are extremely heavy. Using a moving company for moving help is very advisable if you’re moving heavy fitness equipment like this. Don’t try to lift a treadmill on your own.

Tip #4: Secure Ellipticals and Larger Objects

If you have other large, structured fitness objects which don’t fold down easily, try securing moveable parts in place using bubble wrap or rope. This keeps anything from breaking or moving around inconveniently while the movers are assisting you.

Tip #5: Mark the Fitness Bags and Boxes

Once again, the quickest tip for moving fitness equipment is to use one color of tape (bright green, orange, or whatever) to mark the self-standing fitness objects and boxes. This way, you can make sure the stuff stays altogether throughout travel and is delivered to the right room or space in your new home.


Another quick tip is to wipe down or sanitize the equipment before moving it. This keeps it from developing any sort of smell if it’s a longer move. If you’re looking for experienced moving help in your area, try contacting Matheson movers. With a professional team, they can care for any moving needs and bulky equipment you might be transporting in your journey.