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Moving in Together - Tips from a Top Moving and Storage Company

If you’re moving in with your partner, here are 5 quick tips for the moving and storage process!

Moving in with a partner is a wonderfully big step forward in a relationship. It can be exciting, new and fun. However, all of that excitement could be cut short with moving frustrations, storage issues, general disputes about belongings, and trying to pick necessities.

If you and your loved one are figuring out your moving and storage needs, don’t worry! Here’s a quick guide to establishing some order throughout the process. Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA
Step #1: Discuss What You Each Expect
If you’re imagining your partner will take care of calling the moving company, and your partner thinks the same about you… you can see the issues it might cause. While it seems like a pretty simple step, make sure you communicate with your other half about who will take care of what, and share with them how you’re envisioning the entire move will go. This will set a baseline in the moving and storage process.
Step #2: Inventory and Lists
You’ve got the broom, she has the best mop. He has lots of towels and toiletries, you have a lot of dishes and clothes hangers. Whatever the case, taking the time to see what your combined belongings come to is an essential step in moving in together. Once you know what you have, you can move on to the next step.
Step #3: Dejunk
Pick out the best things, what you want to keep, and what you can’t live without. It’s important to start out by selecting what you do want, rather than what you don’t think you need. After you’ve figured out what you really want to take with you into your new home, you can begin making a pile of “no’s”. Once you two have worked as a team to figure out what you’re keeping and what you’re not, split the “no” pile into three categories: trash, sell, or give away/donate.
Step #4: Call the Movers
This step is so important, especially if you have a lot of treasures or you’re moving a long ways away. Once you’ve selected the best movers of your area, such as Matheson, you can discuss your moving and storage needs with them. They can help you figure out whether you’ll need some storage during the move process. They’ll also be a huge help so that you and your significant other don’t have to stress the small stuff in this exciting time of your lives!
Step #5: Finish the Moving and Storage Process
Now that you have Matheson movers on your side and you’ve decided what you both want to take with you to the next chapter of your life, sit back and enjoy the process! Make sure to take the time to organize your things in a way that you both prefer in the new place. If your mover has done an excellent job, feel free to leave them your positive review so that other couples moving in together can have a good experience. To start this exciting process in your lives now, give Matheson movers a call today!