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How to Move Into a Rental Space: Tips From Matheson Full Service Movers

Figure out the right way to move into a rental space with these tips from Matheson full service movers

Renting a new place to live is somewhat like starting a new relationship. It can be both exciting and intimidating, especially for those who are new to moving. Even with a team of full service movers, lots of little things can go wrong if you are not prepared. So with that in mind, here are some tips on how to make the move to your new rental space as smooth as possible.

Perform a move-in inspection

The very first thing you should do is fill out a moving inspection document. This document notifies the landlord of any pre-existing problems so you don’t get stuck on the hook for them later. Failing to fill out a move-in inspection can make you liable for any pre-existing damage, which could run you hundreds of dollars in fees.

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Update your rental insurance

If you use a team of full service movers your possessions will be insured. The next step is to get rental insurance that will protect you from theft, flood damage, mold, and other unexpected situations. If you already have rental insurance you may be required to update it based on your new location of rental property type.

Make sure rental payments have a paper trail

Just like with a team of full service movers, make sure that all financial transactions related to your rental space have a paper trail. Most people pay their rent with either check, direct deposits, or credit cards, each of which generates an invoice for payments. Avoid renters who ask for cash payments as these generally carry no paper trail and it is possible to misplace cash payments.

Get everything in writing

Before making any modifications on your rental space, make sure to get the renter’s express permission in writing. Most renters will allow you make small modifications, but if you do not have some written record of their permission you could get in trouble at the end of your stay when the renter is looking to lease the space out to new tenants. So if you want to paint the walls or install any new fixtures, make sure to send an email.


Lastly, when it is finally time to move don’t forget to call our Matheson Transfer movers. We have the professional moving team ready to assist you.