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Moving with Pets? Tips from Top Moving and Storage Companies

Matheson Transfer, Among Top Moving and Storage Companies

Whether you’re getting ready to move your household across town or across the country, there are always special considerations to make if you’re moving with a pet. Moving and storage companies don’t offer any services for transporting a pet, so you’ll need to make your plans independently but along the same timeline as your move. Matheson’s expert teams of movers have put together these helpful tips for making your pet safe and comfortable during a move. Moving and Storage Companies, Matheson Transfer - Forty Fort, PA
Decide how your pet will travel. Depending on how far you’re moving, you might be able to transport your pet yourself in your car; or you might need to make flight arrangements. Bear in mind that if your pet needs to fly, you may need to make those arrangements several weeks in advance to allow time for extra paperwork processing or additional considerations.
Gather your pet’s paperwork. No matter how your pet will be traveling, there might be additional documentation needs for the airlines, like providing proof of ownership or proof of immunization. If you are moving into a rental unit, you may need to provide that documentation to your landlord as well. Some counties, cities, or townships also enforce breed restrictions for some pets, so you may need to register your pet with your new place of residence.
Talk with your vet. Your vet is your best resource for health considerations for your pet during travel. Depending on the length of travel, your vet might make recommendations around the feeding schedule you should follow, anxiety assistance, and more.
Get your pet used to travel. Start small: help your pet feel comfortable in their carrier. A portable kennel or carrier can be made more comfortable with a favorite blanket, or a stress-free pheromone spray. Then you can try getting them comfortable in a car with short trips.
Have a travel kit on hand. No matter how you’ll be traveling, keep essentials packed with your pet. Food and treats, a water bowl, any needed medication, and other items should be packed within easy reach throughout travel. The best moving and storage companies also recommend that you keep a travel kit for yourself on hand, including a change of clothes and your own essential medications or toiletries.
If you’re getting ready for your next move, call the moving and storage companies families trust with their residential relocations. Matheson is here to help you with all of your moving logistics; call today to get started with your free quote.