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The moving & storage experts at Matheson Transfer offer these tips of moving safety and how to avoid injuries

When you hire a moving & storage company to handle your move, safety is the most critical part of the move. Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or hire professional movers, safety should always be your number one concern as hard as it might be to believe, more back and neck injuries occur doing “easy” things like packing than lifting heavy boxes. To help you stay safe during every step of your move, we offer these valuable tips. Moving & Storage experts at Matheson Transfer of Forty Fort, PA

Personal Safety for Everyone

  • The kids – you need to keep them out of the way. Most moving & storage companies will ask you to remove the kids and pets from your home while they are working. Maybe take them to a family member’s home, hire a babysitter, and put your pet in an empty room. Having kids or pets running around the house can lead to one of the moving company’s employees being injured.
  • DIY Packing – If you are doing your own packing, keep a limit on the amount of time you spend bending over the boxes, get help with the heavy boxes, and always use proper lifting techniques.
  • A Clear Path – It is vital that you leave at least one clear walkway from the back of your house to the front. This will help reduce the risk of someone tripping on something and falling.
  • Know Your Limits – Be smart, if you know you can’t lift something, don’t try. Get help, take something out of the box to lighten it to the point where you can lift

Safety for the Employees of the Moving Company

Some ways moving companies keep injuries to a minimum:

  • Training – the best moving & storage companies provide their employees with continuing education covering the latest in safety techniques and technology to reduce injuries.
  • Equipment – top moving companies have specialized equipment like power lifts, special two-wheel dollies, and two-person lifting harnesses, all of which help keep injuries to a minimum.
  • Safety Clothing – this includes steel-toed boots, back braces if needed, gloves, and more.

For more information on moving safety, contact Matheson Transfer at (570) 234-3037 your local and long distance moving & storage specialists, we’re always happy to do everything we can to help make your move a success.