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Packing Your Kitchen Safely - House Moving Tips from the Experts at Matheson

The expert packers and movers at Matheson have made moves of all shapes and sizes, and have seen all the different ways that items can be damaged. House moving can be a great adventure, but you’ll want to make sure that everything in your household can make the journey safely! House Moving - Matheson Transfer, Forty Fort, PA

The best tip to keep all of your household items secure during moving is to let the experts do your packing. Matheson offers full-service packing, moving, and storage help for your house moving needs. Our teams will use top quality packing materials, as well as the right strategies to pack items to keep them safe during transit. We pack our boxes and our trucks with the strategies that will keep your possessions in the best shape possible.

The items in your kitchen can be especially prone to damage during moving. Your kitchen likely has glass items, ceramic or porcelain items, as well as sharp and heavy items. The way that you pack your kitchen, including what goes in each box and how you pack it, can have a big impact on the safety of each item during your move. For the best house moving experience, follow these tips from Matheson to make sure your kitchen items get to your new home safe and secure.

Use the right materials. Having adequate cushioning for kitchen items is very important. For other items in your household, newspaper might be fine, but it won’t work for your kitchen. The ink can rub off, and it won’t provide adequate protection for fragile items. Ideally, you’ll want to have plenty of air-filled packaging supplies like bubble wrap and air packets, as well as heavy duty packing paper.

Take care of your small appliances. Small appliances can be dinged, scratched, and damaged during house moving when not packed appropriately. Toasters, hand mixers, griddles, blenders, and other small appliances are best packed in their original boxes, or in boxes of a similar size. Remove any loose parts, and wind up the electric cord and tape it in place. If the appliance comes apart, then dismantle it and place the heavier parts in the bottom of the box with the lighter parts on top.

Wrap your dishes right. A few layers of packing paper can be used between plates, platters, and bowls that are of a similar shape. You should cushion each box that contains dishes with bubble wrap on the sides, top, and bottom. Bunch up packing paper into any void spaces left in the box. Again, put heavier items (platters, ceramic, etc.) on the bottom of the boxes, with lighter items (cups, porcelain, etc.) on top.

For more house moving help, contact the experts at Matheson to learn more about our packing, moving, and storage services. Get started today by requesting your free quote.