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Staging Your Home for a Sale: A Necessity When House Moving

Part of the house moving business is preparing your home for sale. Here are a few ideas on how to stage your house to catch the eye of potential buyers

When you are selling your house you will need to set up a walkthrough with potential buyers. The point of staging your house is so it is in tip-top shape when you show it off to buyers. If you can’t properly sell your house, then that is a huge wrench in the gears of your house moving project. Here are some ideas on how to stage your house to appeal to potential buyers.

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Clean Everything

We don’t just mean floors, windows, bathrooms, and carpets here; we mean literally everything; baseboards, ceilings, windowsills, fan tops, vents, exterior fixtures, and all those nooks and crannies not in immediate eyeshot. The number one thing that will turn off potential buyers is a dirty house, so you need to be as thorough as possible when cleaning.


You should also go around and remove any personal effects such as pictures of loved ones, personal art, and the like. The point of a home staging when house moving is to allow the potential buyer to see themselves living in the house, which can be hard to do if they see tons of pictures of your grandparents and children around. Take some time to depersonalize your space.

Neutral colors

Bright colors and walls in your home can help express your personal style, but they can be a turn off to potential buyers, When staging your home, try to get rid of bold colors and instead settle for more neutral tones like white, black, browns, and grays. Bright colors distract from a house’s assets which can make or break the sale.

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