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Storage Solutions for Seasonal Items from Top Moving Companies

No matter what holiday your family celebrates, it’s always more festive with décor and other holiday items. From external decorations to items used for the celebration itself, you might be challenged by finding storage solutions for seasonal items during the year. Top moving companies like Matheson know that these small touches can make a holiday feel brighter and warmer, but when not in use, they can take up a lot of space! We’ve compiled our best storage suggestions to help you make sense of your in-home storage spaces. top moving companies
Space for storage
Take an inventory of the space available to you that can comfortably be used as long-term storage for items throughout the year. You might have a basement or attic, a garage or shed, or a spare room or closet designated as home storage space. Whatever spaces are in use, think through how you use them now, and what would be more efficient in the future. If there are items you access more than once a month that are in the attic, but items you use once a year are in the bottom of your linen closet, it might be time to rearrange a few things. The best tip from top moving companies for effective use of storage space is to have a plan about how you will use each space in your home.
Outside storage spaces
Top moving companies like Matheson have seen items weathered or damaged when stored in garages, garden sheds, an apartment complex storage facility, or other external storage sites. As you take an inventory of spaces in your home, think through the spaces that are outside your home too—and also make a plan for how you’ll keep your possessions safe there. Plastic tubs are generally watertight, if you suspect that rain can enter your outside storage space. You may also be able to use storage racks, or hang items on the walls, which can help protect your items in the event that the space floods.
Residential storage spaces
If you’ve decided that you’d like to use your linen closet for linens instead of unused décor items, and your guest bedroom for guests instead of winter holiday decorations, it might be time to look into a residential storage facility. Top moving companies like Matheson offer storage services as part of their comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and logistical services, and can offer great prices on a variety of sizes of storage space. Our storage facility is also temperature and climate-controlled, meaning you can be sure that your items are safe from the elements and in our secure facility.
Making storage space useful
Don’t forget that some seasonal items aren’t just décor. Summer activity items, sports items, academic supplies, and more each have their usefulness during the year, as well as several months when you aren’t likely to need them. Whether your family goes snowshoeing or snorkeling, hobby and activity equipment can take up a lot of space in your home; and every time you bump into it or shove it into a densely packed space, you’re more likely to damage those items. Make the most of your storage space by purging your in-home spaces from items you don’t use at least once a month.