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Expert Moving Service: How to Throw a House Party Warming Party Without Breaking the Bank

Forty Fort, PA Expert Moving Service Offers These Tips

So, now that you’ve survived moving day and you’re all settle in, you may have started thinking about welcoming your friends to your new home. Throwing a housewarming party is not only a great way to show off your lovely new house, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get to know the neighbors in your new community. Fill your home with happiness, warmth, and good cheer – without breaking the bank – with the following 3 tips from our expert moving service professionals at Matheson Transfer.

Moving Service in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

#1 – Send a detailed invite.

Create clearly detailed invitations to your guests. Aside from mentioning the date and time, also add that it will be a housewarming party. Traditionally, guests bring a gift for the new homeowners. If you don’t mention it’s a housewarming get together, your visitors may feel bad about not bringing anything for you. Also, if you’ve decided to have a potluck, don’t forget to mention in in the invite. Whatever the case may be, do make sure all the details of the social engagement are clear.

#2 – Invite your new neighbors.

Start building close relationships with your new neighbors right away by inviting them to your party. If you’re not sure about your neighbor’s names, then simply mail the invite with the address only. Also, you can personally hand deliver the invitations yourself if you’re comfortable doing so.

#3 – Serve a generous spread.

Even if you’ve set your plans on a potluck party, assuming each group of people invited will bring their own contribution to the meal, make sure to provide a basic amount of food. As the host, your job in the end is to make sure everyone has more than enough to eat, even though it’s your housewarming party.

Get Excellent Moving Service with Matheson Transfer

At Matheson Transfer, you can count on us for excellent moving service options that are cost-effective. Get to your new home safely, securely with our knowledgeable, experienced professionals. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote!

Helpful Moving Services: How to Move your Garden and House Plants

Moving Services in Forty Fort, PA

If you’re planning your upcoming move, then chances are you’ve forgotten about packing one very important part of your home – your garden and house plants. But how in the world could you possibly relocate them without ruining them completely? That’s a very good question – and one of our moving specialists at Matheson Transfer will answer right now with the following helpful suggestions. And, of course, we also offer a wide range of essential moving services to make your big day stress-free!

Moving Services in Forty Fort, PA _ Matheson Transfer Moving

The risk of moving plants

Truthfully, when it comes to garden plants, they simply don’t like big changes. Abrupt changes in moisture, soil density, and sunlight often have negative effects on your outdoor greenery. Please, prepare yourself for some casualties. Another consideration is the climate. Will your plants be exposed to the same conditions in your new home? If not, then you may want to try having them inside, as indoor plants.

Tips for uprooting your garden

Generally, the best way to transport your garden plants is to give them plenty of water, letting it seep into their roots for a while, then shortly before the move, use a trowel to remove them from the soil one at a time. Each one should be placed in their own individual planter for the trip. Secure a few planters together to avoid tipping, before placing them in a crate or on a pallet. Our moving services will ensure your plants are secured properly.

Moving house plants

Normally, house plants are easier to relocate than outdoor plants. However, similarly, you’ll want to think about the conditions you’re moving them to, with regards to temperature, humidity, and lighting. Ideally, of course, they should have the same indoor environment to thrive. Again, indoor houseplants should be secured together in small groups and placed on a pallet or in a crate for shipping.

Plant transit during warm weather

Usually, most people tend to relocate during the summer months, which can place great strain on plants because of the heat. Upon arrival at your new house, soak the ground outside well to prepare the soil before attempting to replant your outdoor garden. The same goes for houseplants, as they should get a good amount of water once they’re set-up.

Professional Moving Services

Should you have any questions about our moving services, rates, and flexible packages, request a free moving quote today! 

4 Tips on How to Meet People in your New City from the Best Long-Distance Movers in Forty Fort, PA

4 Expert Tips on How to Meet People in your New City from the Best Long Distance Movers

Things can get a little lonely when you’ve moved to a new city and don’t know a single person. Gone are the days when you would play on the slides at the local playground and make a handful of new friends within mere minutes. Instead, as an adult out of your comfort zone, you may not know how to go about things to forge some new relationships. Worry not, it’s easier than it sounds! Check out the following 4 expert tips on how to meet people in your new city, brought to you by the best long distance movers in the area – Matheson Transfer!

Best Long Distance Movers - Matheson Transfer in Forty Fort, PA

  1. Visit Local Shops

While online shopping can be done from the comfort of your bed without having to venture forth out of your pajamas, it’s going to be really hard to spark up a conversation with the Amazon box sitting on your doorstep. A fun way to meet people and get some shopping in for your empty apartment is to visit some local shops that you find interesting. Strike up a conversation with the staff about objects that interest you and add in the fact that you’re new in town and don’t know much about the area. Don’t be surprised when someone offers to show you around!

  1. Check Out the Local Coffee Shop

Aside from getting to know your local cup of Joe, coffee shops are great places to meet new people. Try visiting a few days in a row when it doesn’t seem too busy and chat with the Baristas, they’re normally very friendly and talkative. Also, coffee shops often have notice boards with local activities that may pique your interest.

  1. Volunteer at a Shelter

Are you an animal lover? If so, volunteering at a shelter will undoubtedly create long-lasting friendships with people who have something in common – their love of all creatures great and small! Working at a shelter is a real icebreaker when it comes to meeting and talking to new people.

  1. Turn to Exercise to Stay Healthy (and Meet a Friend)

Whether you have a sport that you already love or just want to get into shape, exercising at a fitness club or yoga center is a sure-fire way to make new friends. Instead of going whenever you feel like it, sign up for specific classes. This way you’ll have a better chance of running into the same people, striking up a conversation, and making a new friend.

Looking for the best long distance movers in your area? Want a professional team to oversee your upcoming relocation? Call us today at Matheson Transfer for the best long distance movers to simplify your transition.

Staging Your Home for a Sale: A Necessity When House Moving

Part of the house moving business is preparing your home for sale. Here are a few ideas on how to stage your house to catch the eye of potential buyers

When you are selling your house you will need to set up a walkthrough with potential buyers. The point of staging your house is so it is in tip-top shape when you show it off to buyers. If you can’t properly sell your house, then that is a huge wrench in the gears of your house moving project. Here are some ideas on how to stage your house to appeal to potential buyers.

House Moving and Storage Company in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

Clean Everything

We don’t just mean floors, windows, bathrooms, and carpets here; we mean literally everything; baseboards, ceilings, windowsills, fan tops, vents, exterior fixtures, and all those nooks and crannies not in immediate eyeshot. The number one thing that will turn off potential buyers is a dirty house, so you need to be as thorough as possible when cleaning.


You should also go around and remove any personal effects such as pictures of loved ones, personal art, and the like. The point of a home staging when house moving is to allow the potential buyer to see themselves living in the house, which can be hard to do if they see tons of pictures of your grandparents and children around. Take some time to depersonalize your space.

Neutral colors

Bright colors and walls in your home can help express your personal style, but they can be a turn off to potential buyers, When staging your home, try to get rid of bold colors and instead settle for more neutral tones like white, black, browns, and grays. Bright colors distract from a house’s assets which can make or break the sale.

If you are looking for professional house moving services, fill out our free moving quote or give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037.


5 Ways Hotel Owners Can Benefit From Commercial Storage: Tips from Hall Lane Moving and Storage in Allentown, PA

Matheson Transfer Offers Moving and Storage in Allentown, PA

Believe it or not, hotel owners have a lot to gain by investing in some commercial storage. Whether they need seasonal storage for items like bedding, artwork, or chairs, or need a place to store extra wine and liquor, renting commercial storage is a good idea for hotel owners. Here are just a few of the ways hotel owners can benefit from commercial storage in Allentown, PA.

Storage in Allentown, PA - Matheson Transfer

1. Cost-Effective

If you are hurting for space in your hotel, one option is to just upgrade to a larger space. This option is expensive and usually impractical though. Renting external commercial storage is a great way to outsource storage demands.

2. Event supplies

Many hotels host private events in their banquet and ballrooms. Renting commercial storage is a great way to store all event-related items like tables, chairs, decorations, and the like until you actually need them.

3. Sensitive records

If you have a lot of physical documents related to your hotel business, then a commercial storage unit is a great way to store these out of the way and keep them secure. Most storage in Allentown, PA have around the clock security and climate control options.

4. Service vehicles

Many hotels have special vehicles for things like parties or airport transportation. If your hotel has any vehicles, a commercial storage unit is a great way to store them off-site so you don’t have to dedicate extra parking space.

5. Wine & Liquor

Hotels have a lot of wine and liquor. A commercial storage unit can keep your liquor and wine secure, while also making sure it stays fresh. Since there is more space, you can buy wine and liquor in bulk to save on costs.

If you are looking for moving or storage in Allentown, PA, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037 or schedule a free moving quote.


Make Your New House Feel Like A Home

Now that you are done dealing with moving and storage containers, here are some ways to make your new house feel like home

So you unpacked those last few boxes, paid the moving crew, and have begun setting up your new house. Initially, things may feel weird because you are in a new space. This is completely normal. It takes time for humans to get used to new surroundings.

However, there are some things you can do to bring a sense of familiarity to your new home. Once you’re finished dealing with moving and storage containers, here are some clever ideas to make your new house feel like home.

Moving and Storage Containers - Matheson Transfer in Forty Fort, PA

Focus On the Bedroom First

The first thing you should do is focus on the bedroom. Considering that your bedroom is where you start and end most days, having a familiar space for sleeping can prepare you for the next day. Roll out a rug, make your bed, and maybe consider putting up some artwork to personalize the space. You want the layout of your bedroom to match your personality and interests

Hang Some Art

Hanging some wall art not only is a way to personalize your space, but studies have shown that simply looking at art, regardless of what it is, can reduce stress and make you feel better. So get all those paintings and pictures out of their moving and storage containers and get to hanging.

Adopt a Pet

Like looking at art, having a pet has been shown to reduce stress levels and make people happier. Even the simple act of petting a dog or cat can lower blood pressure and improve mood. Taking care of a pet is certainly a big responsibility, but nothing makes your house feel like a genuine home more than your furry best friend wagging their tail every time you return.

Have Familiar Smells and Scents

Several studies show that our sense of smell shares a more powerful connection with memory and feelings of familiarity than any other senses such as sight, touch, or hearing. Populating your new home with familiar scents and smells is a good way to capture the essence of your old home. Perhaps you had a particular candle you liked in your old home, or maybe you frequently made cinnamon rolls in the morning. Try to populate your home with familiar scents and smells so the space feels more familiar.

If you are looking for moving services or moving and storage containers, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037 or contact us on our website to schedule a free quote.


Here are 5 things you should do one week before you move, from top piano movers in Forty Fort, PA

Matheson Transfer is an expert in all kinds of moving, from piano movers to moving a full 5-family house. Since we have seen it all, we have lots of tips for current movers out there. Here are 5 things that you should be doing one week before your move.

1. Schedule Utilities

One week before moving day is a good time to set up new utilities and schedule your old utilities to be turned off. You generally want to schedule the day before the moving day as the time things get turned on so they are active as soon as you move in. Make-sure your schedule your old utilities to be turned off too.

Piano Movers in Forty Fort, PA Matheson Transfer

2. Change Prescriptions

If you have any medications, make sure you change your prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy. You will have to call your doctors and make sure all your prescriptions have been accepted so it’s a good idea to do this one as early as possible.

3. Start Cleaning

You will want to make sure your apartment is sparkling clean on move out day. That is why it helps to start cleaning one week before you move out. That will give you enough time to hit everything and give extra attention to problem areas like stained carpets or scuffed floorboards.

4.  Pack an Emergency Essentials Box

There is always the possibility that something gets misplaced in the move. One week before the move, put together an essentials box that has basic necessities like some toiletries, first aid items, and maybe some canned foods. That way you have your basic necessities in case you don’t have immediate access to essentials

5. Disassemble Large Items

One week before your move is a good time to start disassembling large pieces of furniture like dressers, beds, and desks. Some large items need a special moving team. For instance, pianos need a special team of piano movers and many moving companies specialize in moving large items that cannot be taken apart.

If you are looking for any kind of moving service, from piano movers to short-notice moves, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037. We have been serving the PA area since 1940 and offer some of the top moving services in the area.

Planning a Moving Sales: Tips From Movers in Bethlehem PA

Movers in Bethlehem PA offer some tips on how to have a successful moving sale.

If you are planning for a big move, odds are you will have to downsize. While you could just donate any old things you don’t want anymore, why donate when you can make some extra money selling things? Movers in Bethlehem, PA at Matheson offer some tips on how to run a successful moving sale.

Movers Bethleham, PA - Matheson Transfer Moving

Schedule on a Weekend

The first thing to do is pick a good date. You will probably want to schedule your sale on the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are great days to schedule a sale as most people are free those days. The best time is probably during the afternoon, from 2-6 PM.

Be Realistic

You also need to set realistic prices. Sure, that jacket may have cost you $30 originally, but there is no way you can sell it for $30. You probably won’t get away with charging more than $10 for most items, unless they are particularly rare or in good quality.

Get the Word Out

You also need to make sure people know about your sale. Consider taking out a classified in the local newspaper or create an event on Facebook or some other social media site. The sooner you get the word out, the more people will hear about your sale. Movers in Bethlehem PA recommend sending an invite at least a week before the date.

If you are looking for movers in Bethlehem PA, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037. We have the skills and expertise to help you at every step of the moving process.


Apartment Check Out List: Advice From Matheson Interstate Movers

Interstate Movers at Matheson Transfer Offer this Apartment Move out Checklist so you can get your Full Security Deposit Back

It’s moving day! One annoying part of moving out is making sure you get your full security deposit back. Unfortunately, landlords can be pretty sneaky and may try to hit you with fines and fees. Interstate movers Matheson Transfer are here with this move out checklist so you can be sure to get back your full security deposit.

Know Your Lease Backward and Forward

Interstate Movers in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

You need to have a thorough understanding of your lease agreements so you know which things you are held responsible for. Your lease may specify you are responsible for yard work or any maintenance fees. Make sure you understand the full terms of your lease so you are not caught off guard.

Clean Everything

The first thing to do is to give your apartment a thorough cleaning. We don’t just mean the basics like floors and carpet; we mean everything: baseboards, walls, ceilings, stovetops, microwaves, etc. Many landlords will take cleaning fees out of your security deposit, so make sure you do not give them a reason to.

Keep Your Move-in Checklist

Most of the time when you move into a new place, the leasing company will give you a move-in checklist to assess the current state of the apartment. The point of a move-in checklist is to document any pre-existing problems with the unit so you are not held responsible. Interstate movers Matheson recommends that you make sure you keep ahold of this list so your landlord cannot charge you for any damages that were already there.

If you are looking for local interstate movers, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037 to schedule a free moving quote. Our full-service team has over 70+ years of combined experience and will work with you throughout the entire moving process, from pre-planning to final unpacking.

Get Your Deposit Back! Move Out Tips from Matheson Transfer Moving Services and Storage Container Rental

Moving and storage container rental company Matheson Transfer offers advice on how to recoup that maximum amount of your housing deposit

Unfortunately, landlords can be kind of sneaky. You may think you left your old place in tip top shape, but they may find some obscure thing to charge you for. When moving out of a new place, you need to be absolutely sure you take care of every problem, lest you lose a good chunk of your security deposit. Moving and storage container rental company Matheson Transfer is here to give some advice on the perfect move out checklist.

Know your lease backward and forward

Landlords will often try to get you with unclear or obscure language in lease agreements. Ideally, you should thoroughly read and understand the lease before you sign it and move in. Make sure you understand all the finer points about the lease agreement: what you as a tenant are responsible for and what the landlord is responsible for. That way you can be sure if your landlord is trying to charge you bogus fees.

Storage Container Rentals in Forty Fort, PA - Matheson Transfer

Keep ahold of your move-in assessment

Most of the time when you rent a place, leasing companies will have you fill out a move-in assessment that notifies them of any pre-existing problems or damages to the property. Make sure you keep a copy of the assessment until you move out. That way you have proof of any pre-existing problems and so cannot be charged for them.

Clean as thoroughly as possible

You also need to do an extremely thorough job cleaning. We don’t just mean take out the trash and sweep/mop the floors, we mean a thorough scrub down of every surface: walls, baseboards, stove, ceiling, etc. The cleaner and better shape the apartment is in the less likely you are to be charged any cleaning fees.

Keep a copy of the final inspection

Moving and storage container rental company Matheson Transfer recommends asking for a copy of your final move-out inspection. That way you have physical documents in the case of any discrepancies your landlord may raise.

If you are looking for moving services or storage container rentals, give Matheson Transfer a call at 570-234-3037. We are a leader among movers in PA and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.