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Matheson Transfer's Moving Checklist, Moving Boxes and Top Moving Tips Forty Fort, PA

A successful move is all about being prepared with moving boxes and a moving checklist

Ready for your big move? Do you have enough moving boxes? what about packing tape? If you have questions and concerns, Matheson Transfer Co. is here to help. Depend on our reliable team for your move. Use our easy moving checklist and tips to help you with your big move. This moving checklist can help you throughout your moving process.

moving families

Household moving checklist:

  • Have a garage sale to allow you to get rid of unnecessary items.
  • Fill out a change-of-address kit from your post office or go to
  • Make a list of things you need to do before the move with the time frames you wish to have them completed in.
  • Call to have each of your utilities shut off the day after loading.
  • Disconnect stereos, computers, and other equipment to allow for quicker moving and packing.
  • For items you will be taking with you, clearly mark “DO NOT PACK” on the items.
  • Drain the gas and oil from your lawn mowers and any other power equipment.
Moving Checklist | Forty Fort, PAmovers & storage solutions

” A HUGE thank you for the work your guys did this weekend!
They arrived early, packed us up and away we all went.
They arrived at the destination nearly to the minute, unloaded and set us up in no time!
It was kind of you to accommodate us at this time of year and get it done on such short notice.
I don’t know how it could have gone any better! ”

– Bob Greenwald

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When is the best time for me to move?

A: All factors should be taken into consideration when deciding your best time to move. Know that the summer months (mid-May to mid-September) are very busy for moving companies. The beginning and end of each month throughout the year are also very busy. These times may require more flexibility and advanced scheduling.

Q: How do I choose a moving company?

A: Talk to your family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to see if they can recommend a specific mover. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if your moving company options have a record for good customer service.

Q: When should I contact a moving company for a quote?

A: The sooner the better! It’s important to give the moving company as much notice as possible. We suggest 4 to 6 weeks prior to your actual moving date. You are more likely to secure your desired pick-up and delivery dates with this type of advanced notice.

Q: How does the FREE quote process work?

A: A relocation specialist will arrive at your home at a predetermined and approved time that you are comfortable with. There will be a visual survey of all of the items you wish to have moved. This is necessary for the estimate to be as accurate as possible. When the survey is complete, the specialist will calculate the weight and packing cost. You’ll get a no-obligation quote right on the spot!

For any other questions, more information about our moving checklist or how to properly pack moving boxes, speak with a moving representative call us today.